Walmart – Lansing Township

10 11 2008
  • 3225 Towne Centre Blvd.
  • Lansing, MI 48912
  • (517) 487-9150
  • Website
The Walmart store...which is NOT a Lansing Township

The Walmart store...which is NOT a Lansing Township

It’s been years since I’ve been to a Walmart that wasn’t a Supercenter….and you know what, I almost liked it better.  We were coming home from Flint after making a run to Sonic (review HERE).  I needed to pick up some things and J was out of some things to.  Instead of going all the way around town to Delta Township, I suggested we stop at the Walmart next to the Eastwood Towne Centre. 

The Walmart in Lansing Township, like I already mentioned, is not a Supercenter…yet.  The outside is a little fancier than more Walmarts to keep up with the higher end theme that Eastwood carries.  When we walked in, I noticed a few things right away that were much different than the norm.

First is the cash register layout.  The 20 items or less lines are stacked sideways instead of two across, two deep.  Not that it makes any difference.  Just a little more pleasing to the eye and something different than the cookie-cutter layout usually associated with Walmart.  The second thing I noticed right away was the cart corral.  It was inside instead.  Where the cart corral usually is, in the breezeway, was the can return.  I bet that keeps the store a little cleaner.

Most of what we were looking for was general merchandise.  We weren’t expecting much of a grocery section at all, but the grocery section they had was fairly large.  They had frozen food as well as pantry and even a small selection of meat.  In the grocery section, we needed Propel.  Found both flavors we like next to the bottled water.  After that, there was a trip to automotive, office supplies, and electronics.  These non-Supercenter Walmarts are soooo much smaller and easier to get around. 

We made our way to check out and, surprise, there was a lane with no one in it.  This was quite possibly the quickest trip we have ever made to a Walmart and we got a decent number of things.  It was so much easier to get around the store and get what we need then get the hell out.  All they’re building now is the hyper-market, but I almost wish they would build more of these.




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