23 10 2008
  • 16460 S. US Highway 27
  • Lansing, MI 48906
  • (517) 487-8686
  • No Known Website
  • Menu
Rookies on US 27 in North Lansing

Rookies on US 27 in North Lansing

If you remember from a few months ago, I mentioned how much J liked karaoke.  When she lived in Idaho Falls, she found a karaoke bar.  When we lived in Peoria, we found a karaoke bar.  When we moved to Lansing, we never found a karaoke bar.  When we were in Chicago last weekend, she wanted to go find a bar, but we got watching Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live and never made it out.  That itch never went away, so she got on Google and again started looking for karaoke in Lansing.  She found Rookies and after a phone call to see what time it started, she had her mind set on singing, so we pushed dinner back to 8:30 then went looking for Rookies.

We looked for a long time to try and figure out where exactly Rookies was at.  For most of you that have lived here all your lives, it’s not hard.  For us newbies who rely on Google Maps and a GPS to get around, it was a pain in the ass.  Google Maps puts the bar out near Flint for some reason.  Even though the listing says Lansing, it puts a mark on the map far east of the city.  After striking out on Google, we pulled out the GPS.  Daniel (that’s what we call our Garmin due to the voice file we use being called Daniel) couldn’t find the street in Lansing.  This is a really common problem with both J’s and my GPS.  I have a Nextar and she has a Garmin.  A co-worker of hers has a Garmin also and runs into the same problem.  It’s a problem we never have anywhere outside of Michigan.  Michigan’s prominent use of Townships as addresses screw the computers up.  Finally, we found the correct address in Dewitt Township, but it was incredibly frustrating just trying to find a bar.

So, after all that, we drive through town to find Rookies on the north edge of the city.  We weren’t expecting much, but what we got was a huge sports bar.  There’s a giant lighted sign out front proclaiming karaoke.  We made our way to the front door which J said looked like it should have been on a fancy restaurant.  Once inside, we were confronted with a choice.  There were several options for seating.  There’s a really nice, huge bar along one wall.  Around that bar are two dining areas with tables and two top booths.  Next to that dining area was a hard wood floor I assume is a dance floor.  This is where karaoke was at.  Inside this small pit was a bag toss game that a few guys were playing.  On the other side was yet another area with tables as well as pool tables and dart boards.  TV’s are scattered throughout the space so I wouldn’t miss Game 1 of the most uninteresting World Series in recent memory. 

Rookies in North Lansing

Rookies in North Lansing

A waitress came over with menus and took our drink orders.  Since it was karaoke night, I got a Budweiser draft and J got a Bacardi and Diet.  When she came back with drinks, we were ready to order.  There was a pretty big menu with pizzas, grinders, sandwiches and quite a bit more.  Not feeling super hungry, I ordered the french dip.  I was a little surprised when the sandwich was set down in front of me.  The sandwich was served on a toasted (almost burnt) sub bun with provolone cheese.  A cup of au jus was served on the side and it came with an order of fries and a pickle spear.  There wasn’t a whole lot of flavor to the French Dip.  The au jus was pretty bland and the only thing I could really taste was the over toasted bun.  I appreciate the effort, but even soaking the bun didn’t soften it up enough.  The fries were out of the bag, but crispy and golden.  The portion was huge and I left stuffed. 

J ordered the Tender Bacon Ranch Wrap.  You get the option of plain or Buffalo chicken tenders.  Of course, she chose the Buffalo.  She orders the Buffalo Chicken Wrap a lot so I would say she’s kind of an expert on the subject.  She called this particular wrap the best she’s ever had.  She loved the addition of bacon in the wrap.  The Buffalo chicken was hot, but it was cooled by the ranch.   Her sandwich was served with fries also.  She ate about half before admitting defeat. 

As you can tell, we both had a different experience.  My meal was ok and I would go back to try something else on the menu, but I wasn’t overly impressed with the French Dip.  I would like to give the burger and pizzas a try.  J loved her meal.  I have a feeling we’ll be going back for that….oh yeah, and the karaoke. 

Wednesday night isn’t a hot bed of karaoke activity and that was disappointing.  The last two places she/we’ve lived, it didnt’ matter what night of the week it was, there was always an hour wait to sing.  Karaoke at Rookies started at 9:00 and by 9:45, not one person had sung yet.  J didn’t really want to be the first, but it turned out she was….at 10:00.  The song list is pretty good.  We’re both country fans and she has a repertoire of country songs she usually does.  Most of them were there.  She ended up choosing the Dixie Chicks’ Sin Wagon.   It sounded perfect just like it always does. 

Our bill with three drinks was right at $30.  Can’t complain about that with two mixed drinks and a beer thrown in.  Rookies is a great sports bar.  I loved the layout and atmosphere at Rookies.  I’d like to try a few more of the menu items before passing final judgement.  I think we might try a Saturday to see if the karaoke picks up any then.




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24 10 2008

There is a fun little bar right down the street that offers a fun night of karaoke…Darb’s Crystal Bar on the corner of Cedar St. and Holt Rd. (they also own Darb’s Tavern in Mason which has some pretty good bar food)…Smoky on occasion…No food that I am aware of other than free popcorn…Just a bar, but it can be fun and you will become friends with the “locals”…Think they have karaoke either Friday or Saturday nights…

BTW…A few weeks ago I needed a racing fix so Amy and I went to watch the little kids race their quarter-midgets at the Lansing Capital Area Quarter-Midgets at the racetrack right behind Rookies, and I mean RIGHT behind Rookies…A fun afternoon watching the next Tony Stewart’s hone their driving skills…

24 10 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

I’ve drove by there a few times and wondered about the place. Maybe we’ll check it out Saturday.

When J and I were in Grand Rapids the other day, we heard a commercial on the radio for indoor stock car racing. It looks kind of cool. An indoor 1/10 of a mile track and they run something like half size stock cars. I think we’re gonna check that out one Saturday to see what that’s like.

24 10 2008

I think I could talk Amy into that one Saturday night by telling her I will take her first to one of her favorite GR restaurants right up the street, San Chez…

A few years back they ran full-sized sprint cars and late models inside DeVos Center in GR…I believe Kevin Swindell won the sprint car race, but I don’t recall the late model race…Sounded like a decent indoor/winter deal but as usual, poor management did them in…I usually get to the Chili Bowl in Tulsa OK every January for the grand-daddy of all indoor races, so I am kind of spoiled…

28 01 2009

For Karaoke…try The Irish Pub on Saturday nights. It’s on the corner of Saginaw and Verlinden/Cleo. I live down the street and it’s my favorite bar. They get a good crowd, and everyone always has a good time.

28 01 2009
Mid-Michigan Dining

Thanks! I’ve heard that before. We’ll check it out one night. Any idea on what time and they start and how late the kitchen is open?

30 04 2009

Well when it comes to rookies, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are usually the more busy days

Tuesdays and Thursdays offer free water pong at rookies, if you happen to make it to the finals you wina gift certificate to rookies.

Saturdays is usually the “older” scene where as tuesdays and thursdays is ususaly 18-24, and offers more of a laid back, relaxed atmosphere. There is some dancing and alot of karaoke i hope that helps out for anyone thats not too sure about which days will be good at rookies.

oh and they have some pretty amazing pizza!!!

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