Need Suggestions – Breakfast and Karaoke…

7 08 2008

….but not at the same place.  I had to get up early (at least early for us) for a job interview this morning.  Since I was done by a little after 9:00, we decided to go get some breakfast.  Getting up before 11:00 is pretty rare for us since my girlfriend works until almost midnight.  Anyway, we headed downtown to Soup to Nutz Bistro AGAIN since it keeps getting recommended.  Well, they hit strike three.  Stike one was on Saturday.  We waited in line for two hours for Obama tickets, didn’t get them, and needed something to eat.  They’re not open on Saturday.  Today, we get there at about 9:30…they don’t open until 10:00. Strike two.  So, we put more change in the meter and walked around downtown for a half hour to kill time.  We get back about 10:10 and go in…the kitchen.  The sign is above the kitchen/catering entrance, not the dining room entrance and the dining room isn’t even marked.  We go out and into the right door and a server comes out and says they don’t do breakfast during the week.  Then why the hell are you open at 10:00 AM?  Who’s eating lunch that early?  Strike 3.  Their website doesn’t say anything about brunch only being served on Sunday.  Sunday’s a day to relax and sleep in….not get up for breakfast.  We’re most likely done with trying to get here.  I’m not ruling it out totally, but we probably won’t make a special effort anymore.  Sorry, Amy.

So, that brings me to my question.  Where is a good place to go for breakfast in Lansing?  Since it was already 10:15 by the time we found out Soup to Nutz didn’t serve breakfast, we didn’t look for someplace else because neither of us could think of a place off the top of our heads.  Any diners that serve an outstanding omelet? 

My next question is Karaoke bars and if you say Crunchy’s, I will track you down and kick you in the shins.  Everyone keeps saying Crunchy’s.  If they’re the best Karaoke bar in town, I feel sorry for you  all never getting to experience a good one.  Crunchy’s sucks.  The accoustics are bad.  The song selection is terrible.  In our last town, there was a Karaoke theatre outside of town.  If an artist released a single on Tuesday, they had a karaoke version by Thursday.  There were literally thousands of songs and the space was set up with monitor speakers, televisions in the ceiling and a little stage complete with lights.  THAT, was a Karaoke bar.  I realize we probably won’t find anything like that in Lansing, but is there any good places that have a good song selection that includes more than classic rock?

Sorry about the rants this morning….it hasn’t been a good start to the day…..




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7 08 2008

The best spot for breakfast all mornings is Mijos on Grand River Ave, near Waverly, out by the airport. They have one of the best breakfast around. Also Golden Harvest on Turner Street is pretty good, not sure of their hours, but I know that Mijo’s is opened every morning.
As for Karaoke, we always like the Irish Pub on Saturday nights.

7 08 2008


Jukebox Grill on Grand River by MSU’s campus (check for their hours)

Tony’s on 350 ALBERT AVE (MSU)

Sophia’s House of Pancakes (on Saginaw Hwy. in Grand Ledge) — they have HUGE omelets and amazing french toast and pancakes.

happy eating! 🙂

7 08 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

I think someone else suggested Mijo’s at one time and I forgot about it. That would have worked well this morning.

I saw Sophia’s one time when I drove through Grand Ledge killing time. I should make a list and put it in the car.

Thanks for the great suggestions!

7 08 2008

You’ve got to try the Golden Harvest!! We’ve been eating our weekly Sunday “breakfast” (really more like brunch since we go at 1pm) at the Harvest for over 7 years. The best home-cooked breakfast in town! Plus a cool atmosphere and a pirate chef!

Here are a few links:

8 08 2008

Every time you mentioned Soup to Nutz I was thinking you meant Soup Spoon Cafe which I really like and was suprised that you had such bad times.
Soup Spoon Cafe is at 1419 E. Michigan Ave, near Sparrow Hospital. Not sure about weekend hours but they open at 8AM Tues-Friday. Breakfast and lunch only.

Sawyer’s Pancake House on Saginaw. I’m not usually a big egg fan but they do omelets well here plus pancakes etc. Or if you get there at 11, one person can have lunch and the other breakfast- ideal in my world.

8 08 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

I got an e-mail from someone earlier this week recommending Soup Spoon as well. I couldn’t find a website so I wasn’t sure about breakfast during the week.

We ate at Sawyer’s a while back and really enjoyed it.

29 08 2008

Soup Spoon Cafe is awesome! Although sometimes inconsistent… Here’s my review from the first time I went (when it was awesome!):

23 10 2008
Rookies « Mid-Michigan Dining

[…] you remember from a few months ago, I mentioned how much J liked karaoke.  When she lived in Idaho Falls, she found a karaoke bar.  When we lived in Peoria, we found a […]

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