Walmart Supercenter – St. Johns

11 10 2008
  • 1165 Superior Rd.
  • St. Johns, MI 48879
  • (989) 224-8099
  • Website
The Walmart Supercenter just off of Business 127 in St. Johns

The Walmart Supercenter just off of Business 127 in St. Johns

I’ve blogged about Walmart before.  J and I hit the Walmart in Delta Township (review HERE) about once a week to get things we can’t get at Horrocks (review HERE).  The big reason we go to Walmart and not somewhere else is they are the only place in town we can find Mandarin Orange Propel.  I grabbed the last Propel out of the fridge last night so we needed to get more.  We had talked about going around Lansing to the Delta Township store on our way home, but first, we wanted to go into St. Johns to get gas.  I noticed on that St. Johns had gas for $3.05/gal.  We found a BP on US 127BR that had gas for that price so we stopped and filled up.

After getting gas and a potty break, we kept heading south to try and find the freeway again.  Along the way, we found gas for $3.02 and $2.99.  That $2.99 was at the Murphy’s USA in the Walmart Supercenter parking lot.  I noticed the Walmart and put my turn signal on to turn in.  Why go all the way out to Delta Township when there was a Walmart Supercenter right here?  It sounded like a good idea to me, so we went in to do some shopping.

You all know what Walmart looks like and what you can find there.  The only reason I’m writing this review is to blow off a little steam about rude, inconsiderate, and just plain ignorant cashiers. 

We did our shopping and picked up the items we needed.  Not a whole lot.  Just the Propel and some things from the Health/Beauty department.  J hates, and when I say hate, I mean really, really hates, the self-checkouts.  She’s not patient enough to wait until the scale recognizes the item before moving to the next one.  She worked at a grocery store when she was in high school and got used to speed bagging.  When she’s with me, I usually try to avoid the self checkout even though I’d rather use those than talk to someone…especially someone at Walmart.

We got in line which seemed fairly short.  The cashier was finishing up with one customer and getting ready to start with the lady in front of us.  She didn’t have a whole lot.  Just a lot of baby formula and food.  Shouldn’t take very long right?  Of course not….unless the lady and the cashier stop, and I mean stop, not go slow or anything, but STOP what they’re doing to talk about baby daddies, DCFS taking someone else’s kids away, and how she just got in WIC.  It took 15 minutes for these two to finish their conversation and get two bags of stuff bagged and paid for.  

If there’s no one else in line, that’s fine, but I’m not the most patient person in the world and I hate hypermarkets to begin with.  As we were waiting, the line behind us started forming.  If the lady in front of us wasn’t bad enough, the lady behind us was practically pushing J out of the way so she could start putting stuff on the belt.  I kept trying to inch forward to give her a little more room, but the more I moved, the more she kept encroaching on our space.  It was just a very uncomfortable situation not helped by the fact I was annoyed with the redneck conversation going on in front of us.

Sorry for the rant.  On a good note, the cashier who didn’t feel like getting in a hurry did notice our Propel was ringing up for about a quarter more than they were priced, so she did save us a buck, but also took fifteen minutes of our time we’ll never get back.




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13 10 2008

Since I grew up in Ithaca, if we are traveling home the St. Johns Wal Mart is the easiest to get too, but I HATE TO GO THERE! My fiance always takes me to the mexican restraunt for a maragrita after because he knows how much I hate it. The gas is usually the cheapest at their store though.

13 10 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

Hahaha….I could have used a margarita after our trip. 🙂

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