Smoking Ban Getting Close?

11 09 2008

I mentioned this in a comment earlier in the week, but since WLAJ did a story on it last night, I thought I’d give the topic it’s own post.  Word on the street is the House is going to vote on the “clean” version of the smoking bill sometime before the November elections.

House democrats tell us while negotiations are ongoing right now, they hope to have the reconciled version of the smoking ban signed into law by the November election.

I really would like to see a smoking ban pass, but I’m not in favor of a 100% clean bill.  The ONLY exception should be for cigar/tobacco shops.  Employees know what they’re getting in to there.  Casino’s should not be exempted and there needs to be a way to make sure Indian Casino’s aren’t exempted as well.  There’s a lawsuit working it’s way through the courts that would require Indian Casino’s to purchase liquor license.  HB 4163 should include language mandating that establishments purchasing a liquor license must be smoke free.  That way, should the courts ever decide, it would force Indian casino’s to go smoke free as well.  That will take away the so-called advantage.

On the web. HB 4163




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12 09 2008

I read that WLAJ story a bit differently. WLAJ didn’t say they were close to voting on a “clean ” ban, but coming to agreement. And they said it was probably several weeks away. I know MIRS said they were considering voting on the so-called clean ban this week (Which, BTW, no state has enacted. Every state exempts someplace or another. Almost every state exempts tobacco shops and a porton of hotel rooms, for example. NO state’s smoking laws look like HB 4163). But that didn’t happen.

If they’re negotiating with the Senate, it could be they’re pressing them again to get serious about the issue.

That lawsuit you mention was dismissed, I thought. Devlin was a disgruntled gambing board officer. All state laws on soverign Indian tribes are subject to negotiations with tribal leaders. The state can’t change its mind on 20-year-old compacts and say, “ban smoking.”

Indian casinos are not exempted from smoking laws. Technically, they’re outside the scope of juristiction. Trying to change that would mean years of federal lawsuits and a likely loss in court.

Having talked to several owners of tobacco shops and cigar bars, I do hope they exempt them. They’re scared the state is about to make their investments nearly worthless.

12 09 2008

After I wrote my reply, I saw the Detroit Free Press has a story that the “clean” ban is likely to be brought up next week.

Guess I’ll be giving my condolances to the cigar bars and shops I frequent, and heading to Soaring Eagle when I feel like a cigar in the winter (or gambling).

If the report is accurate, I am surprised they’re ensnaring the tobacoo shops and cigar bars. But I guess once you gte used to them, vacant storefronts don’t look so bad.

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