Culver’s of Stevensville

10 08 2008
  • 4537 Red Arrow Highway
  • Stevensville, MI 49127
  • (269) 408-1780
  • Website
  • Menu
Culvers of Stevensville

Culver's of Stevensville

I love Culver’s custard.  There was always a debate at the place I used to work.  I prefered to go to Culver’s for “ice cream” but most of my co-workers wanted to go to Cold Stone Creamery.  I know they’re not the same thing or even close to the same thing, but given the choice, I would always choose Culver’s.  Things got really bad when I moved to an apartment that was within walking distance of one.  My girlfriend and I would walk over every now and then for a post-dinner snack.

We were on our way home from Chicago and were going to stop for a bathroom break anyway.  I noticed a sign for Culver’s along the highway and asked J if she wanted to take our bathroom break there.  Of course, she loved the idea, so we pulled into Stevensville and drove by the Dairy Queen all for some frozen custard.

Everyday, Culver’s has a new “flavor of the day.”  You only have three choices for flavors.  It’s either going to be chocolate, vanilla or whatever the flavor of the day is.  I usually don’t even look.  I love the Concrete Mixers.  It’s not someting you can’t get anywhere else.  Just across the street they would call them Blizzards.  The flavor of the day didn’t pique J’s intrest so she got the same thing I did.  We ordered two Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Concrete Mixers.  There were quite a few people in line when we got there, but our wait was pretty short.  J went to get some napkins and they were already bringing our snacks out.

Like I already said, the Concrete Mixer is no different than a Blizzard, but the frozen custard tastes so much better than soft serve ice cream.  We grabbed them to go because we got way behind schedule getting caught in traffic twice back in Chicago and we just wanted to get home and relax.  It’s not real easy eating ice cream in the car, but I did my best.

Culver’s is like most fast food restaurants.  They have a full menu of standard fast food fare, but they do it better.  Their burgers are voted best fast food burger most years.  They actually call them butter burgers.  The difference between Culver’s and most places is in the bun.  It’s not that there’s butter in the burger, but on the bun which is steamed.  They actually are really good fast food burger and the rest of their menu is more creative and unique.  Culver’s is fast food that doesn’t want to be stereotypical fast food.  I won’t go too much into food because we only got ice cream today, but I will say when we go looking for fast food burgers, Culver’s is one of the first choices.




One response

27 12 2009
Sarah Tromblee

I will say I work at that place. They truly have the best burgers I’ve ever had.
Because I work there I get discounts on what I order. My folks get a discount because of me being present at the time we eat out. I haven’t been at Culver’s of Stevensville very long. I started there in August and hadn’t heard of that place beforehand so it was a brand new experience for me to eat and work there. I love their custard I agree 100% with you it is truly better than soft serve. Let me cover the food part for you we aren’t stereotypical your right not like Burger King or McDonald’s (can’t stand either one of those places) we are unique in every aspect of the word. We aren’t the next Burger King we’re better. Much, much better. Anyway the salads are excellent, chicken fingers are really good bring your appetite they’re big pieces. I’ve eaten all 3 of those chicken fingers and that was because I was sooo hungry.

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