Greek Islands Restaurant – Chicago

10 08 2008
  • 200 S. Halsted St.
  • Chicago, IL 60661
  • (312) 782-9855
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Greek Islands Restaurant on Madison and Adams in Chicagos Greektown

Greek Islands Restaurant on Madison and Adams in Chicago's Greektown

We were in Chicago for the weekend for a friend’s wedding.  Our hotel was the Crowne Plaza Metro in Greektown.  On Sunday morning after a night of drinking, we decided to meet up with some friends from Ohio that we don’t get to see often and have lunch before we went our separate ways.  The night before, I went for a walk to kill time and check out the restaurants in Greektown.  We checked out of our hotel then walked down Halsted.  I had read a little about a restaurant on the corner of Halsted and Adams called Greek Islands.

We walked in Greek Islands and were met by an older gentlemen welcoming us to the restaurant.  He showed us to table on a landing in the dining room.  We were seated and starting looking over the menu which is very traditional greek food.  A bus boy brought us some water and the waiter came over to take the order.  We weren’t quite ready to order, but we did put in drink orders.  They had both Coke and Pepsi.  Three of us got Pepsi’s and J got a Diet Coke.  The drinks that were served were little glass bottles, so there were no refills.  I’m guessing they were six ounce portions, so we had to go light before the meal got there.

After a few more minutes, we were ready to order.  Out of the whole big menu, we only ordered two dishes.  My friend’s wife and I both got Pastichio.  She ordered first and asked the waiter not to make fun of her when she tried to pronounce. He didn’t give her any guarantees, but he was kind enough to correct her when she said “pistachio.”  The dish was similar to a lasagna.  It’s a baked pasta with beef, cheese and a beschemel sauce.  It was really good.  Instead of long sheets of noodles, they used a long tubular pasta.  The portion was really big.  Neither of us were able to finish. 

Greek Islands Restaurant in Chicagos Greektown

Greek Islands Restaurant in Chicago's Greektown

My girlfriend originally ordered an item off the specials menu, but the waiter came back and said the chef wasn’t making that today.  She had ordered Mediterranean chicken strips.  Since they didn’t have that, there was a Mediterranean Chicken Breast which is also what my friend ordered.  Both of them really liked the chicken and weren’t able to finish their meals either.  The chicken was served with a pretty big side of rice.  The chicken itself was baked in extra virgin olive oil, garlic and herbs. 

The table also had two loafs of bread.  There was one crusty one and one softer one.  We all went for the crusty bread and dipped it in the Greek olive oil that was on the table.

Our server came back and tried to talk us in to dessert, but our friends needed to get to Union Station to catch a train to O’Hare and we had a three hour drive back to Lansing, so we passed and just asked for our check.  The four of us ate for $70 before tip. 

Greek Islands was a great restaurant.  The people were are very friendly and seemed genuinely happy that we chose their restaurant.  The waiter was having some fun with us knowing that we weren’t Greek and had probably never eaten at a Greek restaurant before.  It was fun watching other tables order the flaming cheese and just watching how into the waiters got when they got to light that cheese on fire.  The atmosphere was really light and open.  My girlfriend said it felt like we were sitting out on a veranda somewhere even though we were inside nowhere near a window.  I think all four of us really enjoyed the meal.  I was kind of surprised I liked it as much as I did.  Foreign food really scares me, but I really wanted to try it.  Greek Islands gets a lot of really good reviews from some really big food critics, so I wanted to make sure to order something that I couldn’t get anywhere else.  I would definitely recommend Greek Islands to anyone who’s looking for a meal in Greektown.  There are a lot of options in such a small area, but Greek Islands deliver on flavor, atmosphere, and customer service.




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10 08 2008

The flaming cheese–saganaki–is one of the many great meals you can order at Zeus’ Coney Island down on Pennsylvania Avenue…Amy ordered it once at the Fleetwood and I didn’t like it…She ordered it again at Zeus’ and it was great…Especially the slightly well-done cheese on the bottom of the plate…With fresh Pita, I actually enjoyed it…Just yell “Opa!”

One of the many things that I really missed from NY and PA was a real chicken gyro…Not a piece of marinated chicken breast thrown on a Pita, but chicken that actually looks like shaved gyro meat and real tzatziki sauce…Finally found it at Lou & Harry’s on Grand Avenue…

10 08 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

Zeus’ is right down the street from our apartment…I was taking J back to work the other night after we went out for dinner and I asked why we’ve never been there. Neither one of us knew why we never think of that as a dinner option.

All I knew of Greek food before today was Gryo’s and I’m not really a fan. Now that we’ve been somewhere and got a taste for Greek food, we shouldn’t have anything to be scared of anymore…

10 08 2008

Next time you make it to Detroit you should check out the Greektown there. My favorite restaurant there was Hella’s, but it closed earlier this year. There are several others though…Pegasus is one. As Corky mentioned, the saganaki at Zeus’ is pretty good. Fleetwood…not so much! Zeus’ actually has pretty good food. You should really check it out. The Fleetwood is good for other stuff. They have great breakfast if you can stand the smoke.

SO…if you are looking forward to trying different ethnic foods, I can steer you in several directions. There is great middle eastern food in Lansing (Jerusalem Bakery is my favorite) and Vietnamese (close by at Asia’s Finest on South Cedar). I love Altu’s Ethiopian Cuisine in East Lansing, but something tells me you aren’t ready for Ethiopian yet. (unidentified “meat” on the menu, sour spongy bread, eating with your fingers, lots of vegetarian stuff) You make Corky look like an adventurous eater! LOL

10 08 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

I’m not that adventerous….I know I don’t like Asian food…never had Middle Eastern, but I’m not sure that. J just told me had she seen the menu before we went it, she probably would have said no to Greek Islands, but it ended up being a worthwhile trip.

If you notice, most meals we eat I get a burger and she gets a buffalo chicken wrap….not very adventerous… 🙂

11 08 2008

Pay no mind to Amy…She eats ALOT of NASTY food!!! LOL…

My idea of Asian food? Broccoli and Chicken from New China Restaurant…

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