White Castle/Church’s Chicken – S. Cedar

27 06 2008

I hate White Castle.   That’s not necissarily a slam on the business.  I just don’t like thier slyders.  I’m not a huge onion fan and I really don’t like them on or in my burgers.  I’m well aware that people travel hours just to get to a White Castle, but I’ve never bought into it.  So when my girlfriend said she wanted something greasy for lunch, I was kind of surprised that she said White Castle.  I went along with it because this particular location also has a Church’s Chicken.  I figured I could get some chicken and she could get whatever greasy concoction her heart desired.

I don’t have a whole lot of experience at White Castle, so I don’t really know what’s normal.  Most locations are open 24 hours although this particular one has a sign on the door saying they are not 24 hours anymore during the week.  There was quite a line at the drive thru so we went in hoping it would be quicker.  The inside of the store is pretty small.  The counter is wierd.  It sort of feel like it’s hidden.  With most fast food places, the counter is front and center.  At this White Castle, it’s set back in the dining room and ther’s only one cash register.  There were quite a few people hanging around when we got there and the cashier was just standing back by the fryer working very, very slowly.  After five minutes or so, she finally made it back to the cash register and started taking orders.

There was one person in front of us.  After he placed his order, my girlfriend started giving ours.  She decided to go with chicken too.  She got the chicken strip meal which came with mashed potatoes (which she changed to fries), a honey biscuit, and a drink.  She got a Fanta Icee instead of a pop.  I got three pieces of chiken and a honey biscuit.  Surprisingly, we didn’t have to wait all that long for our food.  There were people already in the store when we got there that waited quite a while.  I don’t think it was even five minutes before our food came up.

We took our chicken to go and headed back home.  When we got home and opened the boxes, the first task was identifying the chicken.  It didn’t look like any wings or breasts I had ever seen and it was hard to tell the difference between the two.  I don’t know if that’s good because the wings are big or bad because the breasts are small.  Either way, neither really looked like what they were supposed to be.  It tasted ok.  The skin was nice and crunchy and the meat still had some juiciness too it.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the biscuit, but I’m not a big honey fan.  My girlfriends fries were crinkle cut fast food fries, but that’s what you expect from a fast food place.

I had eaten at a Church’s before, but never one attached to a White Castle.  This wasn’t quite how I remember the food. The portion was small and, like I said, hard to identify.  It was ok and it filled that craving for greasy food, but there’s a KFC right across the street which is probably a better choice.




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27 06 2008

That is the most bizarre major fast food location I’ve ever been in. The whole counter setup is funky, with the menu board over to the side, and the people never seem eager to help customers. I actually went out of my way to stop in there for lunch with a coupon I’d been given, and when I gave it to them, they told me it had expired two days earlier. I honestly hadn’t checked it, but the woman at the counter just rolled her eyes, handed it back, and asked if I still wanted the food at the regular price. I took it, but I won’t be back again.

27 06 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

ok, good….so it wasn’t just me that thought the layout was weird.

17 02 2011
Bernie B


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