E. Coli Outbreak in Michigan

18 06 2008

Another food bourne illness precaution.

State health officials suspect contaminated ground beef is the source of a spike in infections by E. coli bacteria.

They’re urging people to thoroughly cook their hamburgers and, if possible, use a digital thermometer to make sure they’ve been heated to at least 160 degrees.

The Michigan Department of Community Health says it’s received 29 reports of E. coli infection so far this month. That compares with just 10 cases for the entire month of June over the past four years.

The story goes on to say that early lab reports suggest a common source, but doesn’t identify it.  When I found what it is, I’ll update this post.

Cook your beef.  Especially if you buy ground beef from a supermarket.  The stuff I get from a butcher I’ll go more medium on, but ground beef from the grocery store needs to be well done.




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