University of Michigan Grad Wins Top Chef

12 06 2008

I hate reality shows.  Even cooking reality shows, but it is kinda cool a UM grad won this season becoming the first woman to win the reality show.

Stephanie Izard, a 31-year-old, mild-mannered chef from Chicago, beat out 15 other contestants to win the popular reality show designed to test a cook’s mettle.


Izard’s winning strategy involved avoiding confrontations with the other cooks. “Top Chef” takes pleasure in airing spats and creating villains. This year was no exception, but Izard remained above the fray.

In a show filled with long knives and short tempers, Izard even came across as affable and humble.

“I try to avoid getting into fights,” she said. “That’s not the way I am in life. I just like to respect others and have others respect me. I wanted go in and keep focused on the food.”

Izard, a University of Michigan graduate, said she plans to open another restaurant in Chicago, one that will emphasize global flavors, seafood and pork.




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