Traveler’s Club Needs Help

6 06 2008

I was just reading the dead tree edition of Lansing City Pulse and came across this article.

(Traveler’s Club Owner Will) White has placed “for sale” signs on his property along Okemos and Hamilton roads in “downtown” Okemos — or, Meridian Township, if you’re dealing with the local government. He says that he needs to find a partner to help run his businesses — he says that his financier, Comerica Bank, has come to collect on its mortgages.

“They’re viable businesses,” White said, referring to the restaurant (and tuba museum) and music shop. “But the bank wants someone else to take on the mortgages. I can’t find another bank; I’ve been to 50 lenders.”

Ouch!  The Traveler’s Club is one of the restaurant’s on our list.  It doesn’t sound like the place is in immediate danger of closing, but it’s never good to see a “For Sale” sign in front of a restaurant that’s been in business for as long as the Traveler’s Club has.  There are other options for Mr. White’s business, but I would hate to see it move.  Everytime I head to Meridian Mall, we pass the Traveler’s Club and everytime it catches my eye.  I’d hate to see that space become just another empty building.




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