Safer Milk for Michigan

6 06 2008

Governor Jennifer Granholm signed SB 1007 in to law today.  The bill amends Michigan’s dairy laws and get’sGovernor Granholm & Senator Birkholz them in line with the federal 2007 Pastuerized Milk Ordinance.  Following is a press release from the bill’s sponsor Senator Patty Birkholz (R-Saugatuck Township)

LANSING-The governor signed legislation Thursday sponsored by Sen. Patty Birkholz that updates Michigan’s dairy laws to improve food safety regulations.

“It’s important that we take every precaution to ensure that our food is safe,” said Birkholz, R-Saugatuck Township.  “Updating the milk law will help protect consumers who drink milk and use dairy
products and the dairy farmers who produce it.” 

Senate Bill 1007, now Public Act 136, will amend Michigan’s dairy
laws, which regulate the production of milk for drinking and other dairy
products, such as yogurt, sour cream, or eggnog, by incorporating
necessary changes from the federal 2007 Pasteurized Milk Ordinance. 

The ordinance governs the processing, packaging, and sale of Grade
“A” milk and its products and regulates interstate shipping. 

Michigan Farm Bureau, the Michigan Milk Producers and the Michigan
Department of Agriculture support the new law.






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