Smoking Ban Being Held Up

25 05 2008

Well, just like I predicted, the smoking ban is being held up in the house because the Senate version makes no exceptions for casino’s or cigar shops.  Cigar shops I’m on board with, but not enough to hold it up.  Casino’s shouldn’t be protected just because lawmakers are afraid the Detroit casino’s will be hurt.

The Lansing State-Jounral had an article yesterday that desciribes Speak of the House Leader Andy Dillon as sympathetic to the casino’s.  Dillon plans to call a vote on the ban, but he plans to add the exemptions back into the bill which means it would have to go back to the Senate for another vote

“We’ll see if the Senate would like to negotiate,” Dillon spokesman Greg Bird said.

The approach is not sitting well with Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop, R-Rochester. “If the people of Michigan want a ban on smoking, it needs to be across the board,” Bishop spokesman Matt Marsden said.

I’m totally in agreement with Bishop’s camp here.  Call the freakin bill as is.  Give it a year and see just how it works.  You can’t pick and chose which businesses are exempt.  If you’re going to exempt casinos, then you really should exempt taverns (bars that don’t serve food).  I mean, they’re both adult oriented businesses, right? 

This is stupid.  Mr. Dillon, call the bill as is and let the legislature decide.




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25 05 2008

The total arrogance of these banning lobbyist demanding power over EVERYONE is really aggravting a lot of people. They have absolutly no concern over local affairs. As soon as they get their agenda, they’ll be off to another state.

25 05 2008

Here in Chicago, after five months, many bars are ignoring the ban to keep their customers. With warm weather now approaching, the local cops are getting frustrated with groups of people who, forever what reasons, do not go inside the bars, mingling with bar patrons outside the bars that comply with the ban. Mayor Daley calls it “silly” One bar has already defeated the ban in court. Many more court cases are now pending.

25 05 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

Bob, everytime you have posted that same bullshit comment I have replied I have replied in the same way. I don’t give a $%^& what anyone is doing. The ban has to start somewhere. For every bar that is non-compliant, there’s another 100 that are. Not everyone is going to comply right away. Whatever…I don’t care. As long as it gets started. Illinois’ ban has a ton of problems. I lived in the state and I covered the debate in Springfield as a member of the media. Cops are frustrated because there are no rules in place for enforcing the ban. That’s the reason it has been defeated…the ban itself HAS NOT been defeated anywhere in the state. What has been defeated is the enforcement of the ban because of the *&^% up politicians from Chicago that are already worried about the 2011 election and can’t take care of business now.

I’m not going anywhere. I want the ban NOW! I’m tired of people thinking that I give a shit about their “right” to smoke.

27 05 2008

This may double post. The website is really slow responding. The numbers within a couple of miles of my locations that I am aware of are 6 smoking bars, and roughly 7 that comply. There may be a higher ratio of smoking bars in my area due to being very close to the Indiana border. Most of the smoking bars are those smaller neighborhood ones where the customers all know each other. The Chicago politicians were mulling over a ban in bars, but Mayor Daley called it “silly”. Some Chicago politicians are glad the state got them off the hook. Most people have no problems with a restaurant ban, which was already in effect in Chicago, but bars, private vets clubs, and church bingo games are creating all the fuss. Had those been left alone, none of this arguing would even exist. They could have quietly passed the bans with little resistance.

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