Higher Prices to Ruin Memorial Day…

22 05 2008

…and I don’t mean gas prices.  I saw the following story on ABC 3 and honestly, it’s just depressing.

This weekend thousands of you will fire up the barbeque to kick-off the summer grilling season, but if that’s the plan, you better bring the bank.

From ketchup to paper plates food inflation is the highest in almost two decades.  

The average price of a cook out will cost American’s six percent more than last year. 

This is just the beginning. Analysts say next year, it’ll be even more expensive  just to stay home and make burgers.

Man, they can even ruin grilling.  I already got my burgers and buns…we don’t need no paper plates or ketchup….I’m kidding.  I’m not that cheap, but really, that is depressing to think about it.  You can’t leave because it’s too expensive and you can’t stay home because it’s too expensive.  We might as well not have holidays.




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