Liveblogging – HB 4163 5/14

14 05 2008

HB 4163 wasn’t on the schedule for today, but I’ve got the webcast of today’s session on.  I’m about a half hour late because I went to lunch with my girlfriend (so that means there’s a review coming later today).  If there are any updates, I’ll update this post.

2:17 PM – Both parties are in caucus meetings now.  They’ve passed a few bills this morning, but not the one we’re waiting on.

3:07 PM  – The House has been called back to order and they’re starting business again.

3:11 PM – The House is At Ease again.

3:18 PM – Back to order

3:29 PM  – Stupid me…how about checking the bill status.  I just checked on the status HERE.  The bill has been returned from the Senate but under House rules, the bill will be layed over for one day which means they won’t vote on it until at least tomorrow.  No need to continue live blogging 😉

3:35 PM – The House has adjourned for the day.  They will reconvene at noon tomorrow and that will be the first chance they have to pass the smoking ban.




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14 05 2008

Thank you for doing this. I have been trying to keep up on this issue but its hard to find info on the House’s website. This is a one stop shop for all the info… and it helps me find places to eat…

14 05 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

You’re welcome and thanks for reading!

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