Iron Chef to Open Restaurant in Detroit

22 04 2008

I love the show Iron Chef America on the Food Network.  I’ve been a huge fan since The Food Network began airing the original Japanese version in the early part of this century, so this headline in the LSJ really caught my attention.

Cleveland chef Michael Symon’s new eatery will open on the ground floor of the historic hotel. He tells the Detroit Free Press it tentatively is called Roast and will be more than a steakhouse. It will feature two huge rotisseries and wood-burning grills where chefs will roast pigs, baby goats, spring lambs and other items.

OK, so it’s not Bobby Flay whose Mesa Grill restaurant in New York City I have eaten at (review here), but Micheal Symon is an Iron Chef after winning The Next Iron Chef.  And, as an added bonus to you foodie TV fans, Symon will be taking over Dinner: Impossible after former host Robert Irvine was fired for lying about his credentials.  According to Symon’s blog, there will be a few changes to the show.

To make it even more exciting DI will be going to a one hour format and I will have a bunch of my close friends as sous chefs, which should make the show very entertaining and fun.

Should be interesting…..




3 responses

22 04 2008

I love your website! Can’t wait to read more reviews and see what other news you find for us!

24 04 2008

I’ve eaten at Symon’s Lola restaurant in Cleveland and it was wonderful.

I’m really enjoying your blog, by the way.

24 04 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining


I don’t think it really sounded like it in my original post, but I’m excited about Roast opening. I can’t wait to eat there and if I make it to Cleveland this summer like I plan on it, I’ll add Lola to the list of places I need to go

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