Ice Cream Joe’s Cafe

20 04 2008
  • 4131 W. Saginaw Hwy.Ice Cream Joe's
  • Lansing, MI 48917
  • (517) 321-2509
  • No Known Website
  • No Menu Online

My girlfriend mentioned Ice Cream Joe’s to me after seeing it on Eat! Lansing, so we stopped in on a Sunday afternoon before our weekly trip to Horrock’s Farm Market.  The shop is located in a stand alone building right next to what used to be a Fannie May Candy store about a mile from the Lansing Mall.

There was only us and one other guy in the store on his break from the Arby’s across the street.  I went pretty safe and got a Peanut Butter Cup Flurry, but my girlfriend was a little more adventerous.  The ice Ice Cream Joescream is KaleidoScoops! Ice Cream which offer a variety of interesting flavors.  Not one to just settle for plain ol’ vanilla, she went for two scoops of Tootsie Roll ice cream.  She was a little worried that the Tootsie Rolls were going to be hard but that wasn’t the case.  Instead they were crunchy on the outside, but the typical gooes Tootsie Roll in the middle.  The whole Tootsie Rolls were mixed into chocolate ice cream.  As I sit here on the couch writing this, she informs me, we will be going back.

Ice Cream Joe’s has a wide selection of flavors.  That’s not really a surprise at an ice cream shop.  Unlike other ice cream shops, Ice Cream Joe’s also offeres hot and cold coffee drinks.  The price was no worse than most ice cream shops.  For my small Flurry and her two scoops, it cost just under $8.  It was a nice enough day we were able to sit out in front of the store and enjoy our ice cream creations before heading to the market.


BWL lets Amatuers Compete

20 04 2008

Here’s an interesting story I found in today’s Lansing State Journal.

“Bring it on,” said (Jeff) Stoner of Eaton Rapids, who entered a pot of his chili in the amateur contest at the Lansing Center – a sort of prelude to the 13th annual Board of Water & Light Chili Cook-off June 13.

Stoner, along with 14 other “amateur” teams of one or more, will have the chance to prove their chops against professional cooks during the June cook-off.

Bringing the rookies and pros together is an effort to reduce waiting times for patrons by increasing the number of chefs, said Mark Nixon, spokesman for the BWL.

Why wouldn’t you let amateurs compete? I always thought that was the fun of cook-offs….especially in these small competitions.  The Board of Light and Water Cook-Off in the past has always been for area businesses.  This year, they had an amatuer competition where 15 people earned the right to enter the competition on June 13.  Here’s hoping that one of the amatuers kicks the pants off the “professionals”