Can you survive on $1 a day?

22 04 2008

That’s what one woman in Grand Rapids is trying to do.

If a field of dandelions sprouts in your yard over the next few weeks, you might want to call Maria Gajewski. She has scaled back her food budget this month — to $30.

She will be foraging for edible plants, working on the family farm for payment in eggs and eating lots of brown rice and lentils, all to call attention to the hardship of eating nutritiously on a limited budget.

The remainder of the approximately $250 she usually spends on food and beverage for 30 days will go to her favorite nonprofit: Blandford Nature Center & Mixed Greens in Grand Rapids.

Is it possible to only spend $1 a day and forage for food?  For me, no freakin way, but for Maria, a vegetarian, that’s the challenge.  She started on April 9 and will go 30 days without spending more than $30.  According to her blog, Rice, Beans and Mixed Greens it hasn’t been easy.

was pretty ugly for a while.I REALLY wanted to quit this whole project, but I’m sticking in there. Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement. Without all of you, I don’t think I’d make it.

This whole experiment is for charity.  Maria is donating the other $220 she would normaly spend on food to Blandford Nature Center and Mixed Greens.  Along the way, she’s hoping to get others to eat for just $1 a day and donate the rest of the money they would normally spend on that day to the same cause.

You can follow Maria’s progress on her blog Rice, Beans, & Mixed Greens.  The challenge ends May 10.



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