Checked out for the Weekend

19 09 2008

J and I are heading to Traverse City today and Grand Rapids tomorrow just to hang out and see what we can find.  The plan is to eat lunch at Cook’s House when we get to Traverse City.  For dinner, we’re looking at Boone’s for dinner. 

Tonight, we’re heading back to Grand Rapids where we’ve got a Red Roof Inn booked.  Red Roof’s don’t offer free Wi-Fi with rooms, so there probably won’t be any blog updates until at least tomorrow night or Sunday.  Saturday’s plans are to check out Grand Rapids.  I don’t have much as far as restaruants go in GR.  I’ve heard good things about Real Food Cafe and Wealthy St. Bakery for lunch.  We’ll see what we can find.  Dinner?  Not sure.  Maybe find something in GR..maybe drive back to Portland and try Duke’s Cajun Bar & Grill.  Not sure.  We’ll see.  If you have any suggestions, leave them here.  We may be able to find Wi-Fi at a McDonald’s or something so I can at least check e-mail and the blog.