The Venue – Hammond, IN

3 05 2009
  • 777 Casino Center Drive
  • Hammond, IN 46320
  • (219) 473-6060
  • Website 
The entrance to the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond.

The entrance to the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond.

I know it looks like I have a gambling problem, but really, I never spend much.  Maybe twenty bucks tops.  We just seem to be having a lot of luck lately at finding shows we want to see at casinos. 

Back in March, I stopped at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond to pick up four tickets to see Joel McHale.  J and I watch The Soup every Friday night and really like McHale’s comedy, so I thought this would be a great birthday present.  J’s mom is also a fan, so I picked up two more tickets for her and J’s step dad.

The Venue is on the second floor of the Horseshoe Casino which sits near I-90 on Indianapolis Boulevard in Hammond.   There’s a large parking structure as you come upon the complex and the elevator takes you back down to the first floor where you enter the casino.

The gaming floor is huge.  It’s not as big as Soaring Eagle, but it’s much bigger than the riverboat casino’s in the area.  It’s a large, open area with a high ceiling.  You have to go all the way to the back of the gaming floor to find the escalators that lead up to The Venue. Read the rest of this entry »


Coming Soon: The Venue

29 01 2009
Coming Soon...The Venue on the corner of Cedar and Long Blvd.

Coming Soon...The Venue on the corner of Cedar and Long Blvd.

Shh.  Don’t tell J she was right.  I went down to the Speedway on the corner of Cedar and Long Boulevard today to get a frozen Coke.  As I was pulling out, I noticed a big , orange coming soon sign in the window of the old Frank’s Press Box South.   The place has been empty for as long we’ve been in Lansing, but this fall, J kept trying to tell me there was a lot of cars parked around the empty building.  I kept telling her it was over flow from the Holiday Inn (now Causeway Bay Hotel), but she kept saying someone was working on the building. 

She was right.  I drove up for a closer look after seeing the sign and there was definitely some movement inside.  I don’t have any other details other than the place is going to be called “The Venue.”  We drive by there pretty much everyday, so when I notice the coming soon sign has been replaced by a grand opening sign, we’ll check it out and see what’s up.