Hattie’s Kitchen

4 06 2009
  • 401 E. Grand River Avenue
  • Lansing, MI 48906
  • (517) 894-4465
  • No Known Website
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Hatties Kitchen in Lansings Old Town Neighborhood

Hattie's Kitchen in Lansing's Old Town Neighborhood

There’s a little soul food place in Old Town that I’ve been wanting to go to for quite some time.  Up until a few months ago, it was called Vernadine’s, but it now goes by the name Hattie’s Kitchen.  J and I were out running some errands and since we had some extra time, we headed down Grand River Avenue through some horrendous construction in search of some good comfort food.

Hattie’s Kitchen is in Lansing’s Old Town on the corner of Grand River Avenue and Center Street.  It’s a small, corner building with the entrance accessible from either street.  As we drove through the Old Town Neighborhood, we noticed a lot of people out walking around and enjoying some of the other dining establishements.  That got me a little worried about getting a meal during the lunch rush.

It was a nice, cool day and the door was propped open to let the breeze in.  We walked in to find only two of the handful of tables full.  Along one wall was a couple older gentlemen waiting for the food.  Along the other side of the room was a group of college aged kids looking over a couple menus.  Read the rest of this entry »