Old Town Bar Controversy

8 01 2009

I was just reading in this week’s City Pulse how Rendezvous on the Grand was going to become The Chrome Cat.  Today, City Pulse updated their story.  Apparently, everything with the Rendezvous on the Grand creditors wasn’t taken care of.  A restraining order was issued by Judge Manderfield this morning which may delay the bar’s opening which was scheduled for this Friday.

(Douglas) Cunningham alleges he was not contacted about the sale. He claims to have been kept in the dark about the status of his investment. According to his suit, he invested over $50,400.

“I never gave anyone permission to list or sell any of the kitchen equipment or other property I purchased and allowed the Rendezvous on the Grand to use, as part of the business,” Cunningham testified in an affidavit.