New Years Eve Plans?

30 12 2008

Ugh.  It’s that time of year again.  I’ve never understood why people actually go out on New Year’s.  I usually spend it just like I do any other night.  No crowded bars for me.  Last year, J and I played Trivial Pursuit while watching Dick Clark’s Rockin New Year’s Eve.  I can’t even remember how I spent the year before that.  J has to work until 11:30 this year and it looks like we’ll probably stop in to Barley’s for a couple beers.

It looks like we’re not the only ones planning a low key New Year’s this year.  I found this story on WILX pretty interesting. 

As the ball drops this year, fewer people will be ringing in the New Year at a prime-time party.

“Our ticket sales are about half what they have been the past four years at this time,” says Dave Sheets, who owns Lansing’s Cadillac Club. “Normally by now we’re pretty much sold-out but now we’ve got a few hundred tickets left.”

For years, Sheets has been hosting what he calls a New Year’s Eve Extravaganza–a sold-out soiree that, this year, is slumping. Sheets blames the economy for slow sales.

I never got these big parties that you paid $100+ for.  Why do you want to spend your New Year’s Eve with strangers making small talk.  That sounds like something my grandparents did in the 1940’s…not something that people would do today.  I’m guessing this may be the end of these big New Year’s Parties.  It’s not a tradition that I’ll be sorry that goes, but there are better ways to spend your hard earned money than on some mass prepared meal, some cheap booze, and swing music.  I feel bad for the places that count on these shindigs like the Cadillac Club and The Radisson, but it seems like an outdated tradition.