Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum – Cleveland, OH

3 08 2009
  • 1100 Rock and Roll Boulevard
  • Cleveland, OH 44114
  • (216) 781-7625
  • Website
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Clevealand, OH

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Clevealand, OH

Who doesn’t like impromptu trips?  J and I were in Sandusky, OH where we met some friends for lunch.  After hanging out on the shore of Lake Erie for a while, we parted ways.  They had another engagement and we were looking for something else to do.  Sure, Cedar Point was an option, but that’s freakin expensive…especially since we were only looking to kill a few hours before driving home.  J suggested Kelleys Island, but I wasn’t super excited about that.  Again, a $20 ferry ride to walk around for an hour or so.  She then asked how far Cleveland was.

Since moving to Lansing, I’ve wanted to go to Cleveland for three things.  A baseball game at Progessive Field, a meal at one or both of Michael Symon’s restaurants, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  The baseball game was almost over and we weren’t dressed for dinner at Lola or Lolita, but the Rock Hall was still an option.  Since it was only an hour or so drive and we’d have two hours once we got there, we headed east.  As J likes to say, “Why not?”

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is located on Cleveland’s waterfront in the North Coast Harbor area.  The building, designed by I.M Pei, sits right next to the Great Lakes Science Center and Cleveland Browns Stadium.  We weren’t really sure about parking.  I took a wrong turn because I got into a turn lane so I had to go down by the football stadium and turn around which brought us right back in front of the Rock Hall.  If I had gotten lucky there was street parking, but I never get that lucky.  We found a small municipal about a block away that charged $10 for the day. 

We walked back to the iconic glass pyramid building where I snapped a few pictures.  You’ll notice these are the only pictures I’m posting of the Hall of Fame.  That’s because it was the only ones I could take.  There are signs all over the building demanding that you check all cameras and video cameras.  There is not photography or video recording allowed inside the building which I think sucks.  The official reason is…. Read the rest of this entry »