Best Christmas Present Ever!

4 12 2008

I know.  Christmas is still 21 days away, but J and I traded presents early this year.  Mainly because we picked our own presents out.  It wasn’t planned that way, but a Black Friday ad was just too good to pass up.

I have never, repeat never, gotten up for Black Friday shopping if I wasn’t working.  When I was a news photographer, there were a couple years I had to be at Target at 6 AM for the madness and I just couldn’t figure out why people would do that.  This year, Kohls had a deal that was too good to pass up. 

The best Christmas present ever...this year!  My new Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

The best Christmas present ever...this year! My new Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

The object in question, a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for $170….but that’s not all.  There was a $20 mail in rebate and you got $30 in “Kohls Cash” if you used your Kohls credit card, so after all that, the price came to $120 which is almost $200 off the MSRP.  How could I not get up? 

We were at my parents house for Thanksgiving and my mom was planning on getting up to the stores around 6:00, but that’s two hours after Kohls opened.  There’s no way this deal would still be there two hours later.  J and I debated it for a few minutes then just decided we would get there when Kohls opened at 4:00 AM.  The nearest shopping center to my parents house is a half hour away, so we got our butts out of bed at 3:15.  We pulled into the lot at 3:55 and by the time we walked to the store, the doors were opened.  It still took us five minutes to get in, but most people ran to the toy department.  They had 8 of the stand mixers I was going for and there was one other person grabbing one when we got there.  I grabbed my mixer and put it on my mom’s Kohls charge since neither J or I had one and I got my first Kitchen Aid stand mixer for $120. Read the rest of this entry »