Smoke Free Rally at the Capitol

13 05 2008

Today (Tuesday) was a huge day for hits on this site.  Almost all of them came for info on the smoking ban.  I ain’t stupid…if that’s what your coming for, then that’s what I’ll give, but while you’re here, be sure to check out the reviews and be sure to give me your opinions on places and suggestions on where to eat next….oh yeah, and don’t forget to bookmark the page 😉

Now,  back to the business at hand.  While I was sitting at home waiting for our new kitchen table to be delivered, the American Cancer Socity held a rally at the Capitol.

Meanwhile the American Cancer Society spent the day on the Capitol lawn reminding lawmakers that they can make a difference in the fight.
Smoking,  lung cancer, and heart dissease are just a few of the battles in that war.

“Many states have successfully passed this legislation and it hasn’t hurt business and I’m encouraged we’ll move forward as well” said Rep. Rick Shaffer (R-Three Rivers).

Miss Shoreline 2008 Stephanie Marion added, “I actually think it will bring more business into resteraunts and bars because it will bring those people that don’t like the smoking environment into those facilities and it will raise profits.”

WILX has a report on their website about the ban as well.  They shed some light on why the ban wasn’t voted on today as expected.

“We will have and opportunity to concur our not concur with what the Senate has done as soon as they send it to us and we receive the bill from the secretary, we can do that,” said Andrew Meisner (D) Hazel Park.

So that’s why ther was no vote today.  Again, the bill is not listed on tomorrow’s calendar, so it must not have been transmited to the house as of the end of the day today.  I’ll try to watch the House session again tomorrow and live blog it just in case 🙂


Liveblogging – HB 4163

13 05 2008

MGTV is airing the first half hour of today’s House of Representatives session live.  I’m going to try and live blog the proceedings if they bring up HB 4163.  There is also a feed on the House of Representatives Website, so if it goes past 2:00, I’ll try to watch the webcast as well.

 1:30 PM – The video feed is up, but the chambers still look pretty empty.  The session was gaveled to order. 

1:34 PM – Now members are starting to slowly file in for roll call.

1:51 PM – Still waiting on a quorom.  Rules were just suspended for Rep. Rick Shaffer to introduce representatives from American Cancer Society who are in the chamber.  Pretty much the entire gallery is filled with ACS folks

 1:58 PM – Both parties have called members to caucus, so we may be waiting awhile.

2:40 PM – It looks like the Republicans are filing back into the chamber. 

3:30 PM – Still waiting on the Democrats.  All that’s happened in the last hour is a few recognitions of school groups in attendance.

3:31 PM – Speak of the devil.  It looks like the Dems are filing back in.

3:40 PM – The House has been called back to order.  They’re starting with some resolutions.  I keep losing my connection to House TV….but I’ll do my best to keep updating on the days proceedings concerning HB 4163

4:21 PM – I think they ajourned for the day without calling the bill.  The message on the voting board says “At Ease Call of the Chair” 

4:56 – The House looks like it’s reconvening, but they’re introducing bills for first reading.  I don’t know a whole lot about the process here, but I have a feeling HB 4163 won’t be called today.  I’ll keep an ear open so keep checking back just in case I’m wrong.

4:58 – It’s official.  The House is now adjourned.  They will reconviene tomorrow at 1:30.  I’ll try this again then.

4 AM Bars Update

29 04 2008

A few weeks ago, I wrote about legislation currently stalled in the House of Representatives that would give cities/towns/villages, etc the ability to create a 4 AM liquor license.  HB4573 stalled in the House last October.

I wanted to know what was going on, so I e-mailed Rep. Steve Tobocman to see what his plans were.  This afternoon, I recieved the following response from his office.

While Representative Tobocman continues to work on this bill, he has been unable to secure the 56 votes that is necessary to pass it out of the House.  Representative Tobocman is committed to this legislation and our office will keep you updated on any changes or advancements. 

My suggestion is to call your representative and tell them to get on board.  This is a good revenue source and we all know Michigan needs it.