Sawyer’s Gourmet Pancake House

3 07 2008
  • 608 W. Saginaw St.Sawyer\'s Gourmet Pancake House
  • Lansing, MI 48933
  • (517) 485-9410
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I am not a morning person so the fact that I even got up for breakfast is kind of amazing.  We had some early morning errands to run and since we were up before eight o’clock, I suggested we go to breakfast before doing our shopping.  I’ve drove by Sawyer’s Gourmet Pancake House many times and saw a review on Runs With Spatula.  We headed down Saginaw to find Sawyer’s little, quaint building for some “early morning” grub.

Not being a morning person, I’m not really a breakfast person either.  I’m bad.  Most days breakfast is a Pepsi before lunch, but I like eggs.  In fact, I’ll cook omeletts or fried eggs for dinner sometimes.  Since we were at a “gourmet pancake house” I thought it’d be best to try the pancakes.  I went simple and ordered three buttermilk pancakes which come with real maple flavored syrup and whipped butter.  The thing I notice about breakfast places is the never give you enough butter with the pancakes.  There was just a tiny scoop on the top.  Not enough to really do any damage on the top pancake let alone the two underneath it.  That was initially a disappointment.  That is, until I took a bite.  These were the best pancakes I’ve had in a long time and much better than anything I’ve ever made myself.  They were light and fluffy and there was still a bite to them.  The inside was perfectly cooked as far as I’m concerned.  They were just a little “doughy” which made them heavy and very filling.  I also ordered two eggs over easy and I ended up stuffed with a few bites left on my plate.  I really needed a nap after that meal. Read the rest of this entry »