Press Release – City Rescue Mission Thanksgiving Dinner

21 11 2008

From a City Rescue Mission of Lansing press release…..

City Rescue Mission of Lansing hosts the Great Thanksgiving Banquet

Lansing, MI – November 21, 2008

The City Rescue Mission of Lansing will be providing a free Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving Day. This Great Thanksgiving Banquet takes place in conjunction with other Rescue Missions around the country. Together, Rescue Missions will provide over half a million meals to anyone in need on this special day.

Those who wish to attend, please come to 613 E. Michigan Avenue, Lansing, between 11 a.m. and noon, to sign up for lunch. Dinner sign-up is from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

With the help of volunteers and staff, the City Rescue Mission of Lansing will serve the meal to all who come. We also wish to express thanks to the community for helping provide this meal, as well as the over 70,000 meals we will serve this year. Hundreds will be thankful because you decided to make a difference.


Press Release – Ella Sharp Museum Edible History

1 08 2008

Sounds cool.  From a press release….

The Edible History dinner will take place in Ella’s Granary Restaurant (in the Museum) and will feature a menu of mid-19th century fare. .

Edible History dinners are annotated meals, Each course will have a brief explanation of the food-what it is, how it was prepared, etc. The menu (a secret); for this first Edible History program is tailored to the arrival of Mary Merriman, Ella Sharp’s mother, in Jackson in 1856.

This dinner imagines what Mary might have eaten in this earlier Jackson. Museum staff combed through the Museum collection and period cookbooks and recipes to create a menu reflecting Jackson in the 1850s.

Accompanying the meal is a slide presentation of Mary Wing Farnsworth Merriman. “We are so often focused on the life of her daughter, Ella-yet Mary was a fascinating woman in her own right.

The logic is that without Mary there would be no Ella and without Ella no beautiful park or Museum. We owe a lot to Mary and the way she raised her daughter.” Upcoming meals will feature other members of the Merriman-Sharp family and other periods of Jackson history.

The Edible History: Mary Merriman dinner requires a paid reservation.

Cost for the meal, period beverage, and program is $35per person.

Contact the Museum for more information and for reservations at (517)787-2320.

3225 Fourth St.
Jackson, MI 49203