City Pulse’s Top of the Town Winners

1 04 2009

The Lansing City Pulse announced their Top of the Town winners in this week’s edition.  I found a lot of the winner’s surprising.  Here are the dining winners with my thoughts.  Make sure you check out City Pulse for winners in all categories. 

Bar Food – Art’s Bar and The Peanut Barrel – I’ll totally agree on Art’s Bar.  Peanut Barrel was good, but nothing outstanding.  I’m still a big fan of Leo’s Lodge and Barley’s has some of the best wings in town.  The Nuthouse is also up there.

Bread/bakery – Great Harvest Bread Company – I haven’t bought bread from anywhere other than Horrocks and Kroger so I don’t have an opinion either way on this one.  I have eaten at Great Harvest before and they do have good stuff, so that one’s probably not too far off although I’d rather see a local place win.

Breakfast – Golden Havest – In total agreement on this one

Casual Dining – Applebees – Again, hate to see a chain win.  I would probably put The Soup Spoon in this category and I would definitely rate it above Applebees

Diner – Fleetwood Diner – It’s hard to argue with Fleetwood’s atmosphere, but I think Jackie’s Diner has better food.  Hell, even Golden Harvest could win this category

Gourmet – Troppo – I really liked Troppo.  We had a great lunch there.  Also had a really good meal at the State Room.  This category is a toss up for me.

Asian Food – Lamai Thai Kitchen – I don’t eat Asian food, so I have no opinion on this category

Italian Food – Emil’s – There’s not a ton of Italian options in Lansing, but Emil’s is a good one.  Read the rest of this entry »

What is Lansing City Market Hiding?

25 04 2008

I came across this great article in the Lansing City Pulse by Neal McNamara.  He describes an ongoing battle between the publication and Lansing Entertainment and Public Facilities Authority. Apparently, there are plans floating around for a new city market.  The Friends of the Market think that it’s too early to release plans saying they are “conceptual.”

From what I got in an e-mail (the Friends of the City Market) say they don’t feel comfortable sharing” the plans, says (LEPFA Director Eric ) Hart.

“I’m not comfortable doing that,” said Dave Finet, a member of the Friends when asked if he could provide the plans to City Pulse. “My problem is that (the plans) are real preliminary.”

Plans have been sought from other main Friends Kris Zawisza and Diane Thompson, the group’s chairwoman, both of whom met more than a week ago with this reporter to show off their new position statement about the development of the market. (One of their gripes with the new plans is that the community hasn’t been involved.) Zawisza rebuts Hart’s “uncomfortable” claim. She says it’s not her place to hand out the plans, emphasizing that they’re premature. Thompson says she doesn’t have the newest plans.

That’s crap.  If either one of those organizations take any public money at all to operatre, they have no right to exclude the public from ANY information.  It doesn’t matter if the plans are “conceptual.”  The public has a right to have input on how their money is spent.  Release the plans and let the public decide if they like what’s going on or if they have any suggestions.  When the public sector tries to do business like they are a private business, it usually ends up at a loss to the taxpayers. 

I once watched a public school district purchase $300,000 in houses they were going to tear down for a new school. As soon as the public found out what they were doing (after the houses were purchased), there was an uprising against the site and utlimately, the plans were scrapped.  However, the district had already spent the money on the houses and now had 11 properties they couldn’t sell.

Too often, people in charge of public enterprises forget who they serve.  They forget that they are not their own bosses and can’t spend money however they want.  I don’t know the total make-up of either of these two groups, but I know there is SOME public money involved at least on the LEPFA side of things.  That’s reason enough to make these plans available immediately and go from there.

I’ve been to the Lansing City Market once and was extremely disappointed.  We were so excited when we found the website before we moved here.  We had planned to make it a once a week stop for produce, etc.  Our first weekend here, we went down to the market and it was like someone stole all of our toys on Christmas morning.  It was sad.  Fortunately, we found Horrock’s the next day