The End of Busboys?

3 02 2009

You always hear so many stories of how famous chef’s got their start as a busboy.  That era may be over according to this story in the Jackson Citizen-Patriot.

The ranks of people whose primary task is to bus tables in restaurants is dwindling — another sign of the times.

Tables are still being set and cleared, of course, but at a number of area restaurants these days employees other than busers are pitching in to keep costs down.

Bob Evans, 1725 N. West Ave., reduced its busing staff two years ago, but manager Dana Lowe said it still has seven employees who bus tables at peak times with hostesses and other employees helping as needed.

“We’re trying to get the crew to work as a team more,” Lowe said.

Steve’s Ranch, 311 Louis Glick Highway, has three busers. Owner

My mom is a waitress at a small bar/restaurant and they bus their own tables.  The idea is that the server pays more attention to the table if they know they have something to do after the food is delivered.  It helps with the overall customer experience.  I’ve noticed the same thing at a lot of places recently.