Another Reason Not To Use Propane

3 07 2009

I saw this on Twitter from @aribadler.  It’s a story from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about propane tanks that show they are full, but really aren’t.  As I’ve made clear before, I think grilling with propane is cheating…and it’s just lazy.  Why even grill out?  Still, I know it’s more popular than using wood, so I thought this would be of interest to those of you that choose the gas.

Last summer two of the nation’s leading sellers of pre-filled grill tanks —- Blue Rhino and AmeriGas —- reduced the amount of propane in their tanks from 17 pounds to just 15 pounds. Company officials said the change allowed their tanks’ retail price to remain the same at a time when propane prices had spiked. Although propane prices have dropped significantly, the companies haven’t increased the amount of propane in their tanks.


Because Blue Rhino and AmeriGas have changed tank labels to say “15 lbs” they’re complying with weights and measures laws, regulators at the Georgia Department of Agriculture said. But some consumers —- who assumed that the uniformly sized metal tanks would be filled to legal capacity —- are crying foul at what they consider sneaky shortchanging.

Like most other things in life, your better off buying local. 


Propane Prices Increase

26 05 2008

Keeping with the holiday cooking theme, WILX has a story today about propane prices.

“It used to be $17.99, now it’s $18.99,” said Teha Jones, a cashier at the BP in Grand Ledge.

That’s for a propane exchange, the price of a 20 lb. tank of propane also went up from $47.99 to $48.99 at the BP in Grand Ledge. Customers say even the $1 increase can take a bite out of the family barbecue over time.

Simple solution.  DON’T USE PROPANE!  Why cook out in the first place if your just going to be using gas.  The flavor comes from wood.  I don’t care if they warm up faster, they’re easier to control and they’re just prettier.  It’s an inferior cooking device.  Take some pride in your food and burn wood.

And seriously, as a side note.  One of my biggest pet peeves is the way the word “barbecue” was used in this article.  Throwing burgers on the grill is not barbecueing….it’s grilling.  BBQ is slow cooking a cut of meat using smoke…you don’t BBQ with a propane grill anyway….you BBQ with wood