Michigan’s Blueberry Crop May Be In Danger

31 08 2009

This sucks.  Michigan produces more blueberries than any other state by quite a large margin.  Story via Mlive.com

The bloom could be off Michigan’s $124 million per year blueberry industry after two destructive viruses infected bushes in three locations.


So far, there’s no sign of the diseases spread beyond those three spots, but the Michigan Department of Agriculture says the risk to the state’s 19,000 acres of blueberries remains.

Michigan is the nation’s No. 1 producer of blueberries, with 110 million pounds harvested last year. New Jersey was second at 42 million pounds. Nationwide, production totaled 407 million pounds.

Hopefully it didn’t spread.


“Unwrapped” in West Michigan

9 10 2008

Just caught this article in the Grand Rapids Press.

A film crew from the Food Network showed up on Thursday to film the blueberry’s last hurrah for Marc Summers’ show, “Unwrapped.”

Producer Tammy Sorter and videographer Reid Riddell rolled into Holland to show their viewers how blueberries are picked, processed and sold.

At West Michigan Processing Co-op Inc. in Holland, the film crew captured assembly-line workers dumping the blueberries into a gigantic, rattling machine that cleans them with a disinfectant before they’re sorted by hand by a bevy of women, then packaged and labeled.

The segment probably won’t air until next spring.  I used to love Unwrapped.  I still watch it occasionally, but not as much anymore.  Still, cool to hear about a film crew coming to Michigan to shoot a segment.