Conrad’s College Town Grill

31 01 2010
  • 101 E. Grand River Ave.
  • East Lansing, MI 48823
  • (517) 337-2723
  • Website
  • Menu

Well, it only took three months.  For three months, I’ve been trying to stop in to the place that used to be Johnny’s Lunch in downtown East Lansing.  Their open hours always seem to elude me.  They say they’re open at 11:00 AM during the week, but I’ve tried to stop on several occasions and found the doors locked. 

Anyway, Conrad’s College Town Grill is right on the corner of Grand River Avenue and Abbot Road.  When J and I first moved to Lansing, it was the 50’s-Style diner Johnny’s Lunch.  That closed up some time ago and we never did stop in to try it out, so I have no idea if much has changed since Conrad’s moved in.

I never could figure out from the street if it was a fast food place or a sit down restaurant.  It’s kind of a cross between the two.  There is a fast-food style order counter near the back of the space with a giant menu board hanging from the ceiling. 

I found burgers on the menu, so I put in an order for the BBQ Cheese Burger and added on an order of fries for a buck.  I didn’t go for a pop because they had Coke and if I’m going to drink a no calorie Coke, I’ll just stop at gas station and get a bottle of Coke Zero (which I did after I left).  The sandwich and fries only cost little over six bucks.  I opted to just eat it there.  Read the rest of this entry »