Press Release – Crosby Mint Farm To Be Evacuated Immediately

25 08 2009

The following comes from a Crosby Mint Farm press release…


(MINT CITY, USA/St. Johns, MI) August 24, 2009. 29th Judicial Circuit Court Judge, the Hon. Randy L. Tahvonen signed an order this afternoon to allow the eviction of Peppermint Jim Crosby from his property known as The Crosby Mint Farm. Neither the Crosbys nor their attorney were aware that the hearing was scheduled to be held this afternoon and was most unexpected. There had been no motion of hearing sent out, the Crosbys and their attorney found out about the scheduled hearing this morning while personally filing an objection with the court to the Writ of Eviction that was filed last Thursday by Greenstone Farm Credit Services.

The Crosby Mint Farm has been in foreclosure for a year and was unable to raise the $330,000 needed to redeem the property back from Greenstone Farm Credit Services by August 14th 2009. Before an eviction takes place, the owners have the right to refuse and, according to Greenstone, should be receiving a 30 day Right of Refusal with the price set by Greenstone. However, since judge Tehvonen signed the eviction notice, this goes into immediate effect before the Crosbys receive their 30 days to raise the money to buy back the property before it will be auctioned off and processed by the bank. The latter has yet to step forward and appraise the farm with a set amount.

Government support
Peppermint Jim Crosby states that even with the series of events that have occurred, he will keep supporting and helping the local Michigan businesses he has been working with through the Get Mint Trading Company. He will continue the fight for farm preservation with the company’s growing costumer base, because of all the support he and his family have received since the beginning of this foreclosure process. “There is no need to liquidate this farm”, he proclaims.
Lack of support from the state and federal government demonstrates a true injustice towards the small American farm. Senator Debbie Stabenow’s office was contacted in 2007, but the promised follow up did not come until 2008, when Jim Crosby received a form letter. The letter stated that there were no violations by the Farm Service Agency, which is contradictory to the borrower rights for restructuring and mediation. Other offices that were contacted in 2008, were Senator Crospsey’s, Congressman Rogers’ and Congressman Levin’s, and Senator Garcia’s. The responses that came back were that the situation is “unfortunate”. “As a constituent of these leaders I am disappointed that I have to talk them into supporting and acknowledging us and the value of the farm to Michigan,” Crosby states. “I am not asking for a bail-out, just the time and opportunity to restructure and grow the business to preserve the farm.”
In the mean time, the business, the Get Mint Trading Company remains in operation. Orders are still coming in over the phone and through the website and they are being processed and shipped to costumers throughout the nation.




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