Quality Dairy – W. Saginaw Hwy & Migaldi Ln.

9 07 2009
  • 8512 W. Saginaw Highway
  • Lansing, MI 48917
  • (517) 622-1533
  • Website
Quality Dairy on W. Saginaw Highway in Delta Township

Quality Dairy on W. Saginaw Highway in Delta Township

It’s been another five weeks, so while J was at the salon, I was running errands.  For once, I actually had a lot that I needed to do.  I’ve been putting off a lot just so I could keep busy.  My route today was Walmart, Game Stop, Cartridge World, Target, Meijer then off to lunch.  After my first two stops, I started to get thirsty.  It was 12:30 and I had yet to have my morning Pepsi.  As I was leaving the Walmart area, I remembered there was a QD just down the street so I took a left instead of a right and went to get my Pepsi.

This Quality Dairy is on West Saginaw Highway west of I-69.  It’s near the Art Van on that side of the road across from where Menard’s and Walmart are.  This store is one of the Quality Dairy’s that have a gas station out front. 

The parking lot is pretty large and I just took a spot kind of far away.  While it’s a huge area, the gas pumps are jammed up against the building, so there’s not much room to maneuver after leaving the pumps. 

I was just in the market for a fountain Pepsi.  It took me a few minutes to find it once I actually got in the store.  I saw the slurpee machines, but I didn’t see the pop machine right away.  Instead of one machine with both Pepsi and Coke in the fountain, they had two separate machines.  I saw the Coke first, but didn’t see the Pepsi.  I almost went to grab a bottle of Pepsi (that way I can get the code for the free Rock Band download 🙂 ), but as I was starting towards the cooler, I noticed the Pepsi on the other side of the ice machine.

Quality Dairy on W. Saginaw Highway across from Menards

Quality Dairy on W. Saginaw Highway across from Menards

Since it was a little after noon, the store was packed with people picking up lunch.  They had the usual donut display and some roller items, but not much more than that.  The counter is in the front of the store and it’s one of the setups where it’s a big circle.  There is room for the clerk to walk around to the backside where the ice cream is, but also be able to run the cash register which are in front.

My pop was $1.05 which is a little more than Speedway right now, but less than the bottles.  The only reason I considered a bottle is so I could get the free download which actually makes the bottle the better value, but I still like the fountain pops better.  You get more and you have ice to suck on afterwards. 

The QD tour rolls on….




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