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9 07 2009
  • 5601 W. Saginaw Highway
  • Lansing, MI 48917
  • (517) 327-5008
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The Honeybaked Ham Company and Cafe on W. Saginaw Highway in Lansing.

The Honeybaked Ham Company and Cafe on W. Saginaw Highway in Lansing.

Merry Christmas!  Yes, I know it’s July, but J and I finally cashed in her Christmas present from work.  We were out in Delta Township with a number of errands to run.  Before we left the house, I suggested we finally use the $50 gift certificate from Honeybaked Ham for lunch.  I think we both almost forgot about it and since it’s good until next Christmas, we just kept putting it off.  My family is coming to town this weekend, so picking up some extra lunch meat sounded like a good idea.

The Honeybaked Ham Company and Cafe is in one of the many little strip malls across the street from the Lansing Mall on West Saginaw Highway.  I have had the boxed lunches from Honeybaked Ham before, but I’ve never been in a store.  J said her mom used to stop and pick up a whole ham, but she hadn’t eaten lunch there either. 

The store is pretty small with an order counter, a couple tables, and some displays of gourmet pantry items.  The menu board is above the coolers behind the counter.  Since we had a gift certificate, we had to spend the whole thing.  The plan was to get lunch for both of us today and get some sliced meat to take home for the weekend. 

We started with today’s lunch.  I got the Betta Ham ‘n Chedda.  The problem with the menu in the store is it doesn’t list what is on each sandwich.  When I ordered, I thought it was just going to be ham and cheddar.  It was that plus a tangy mayo and a sweet and rich hickory honey mustard.  The guy making the sandwich asked if I wanted lettuce and tomato.  I didn’t so he piled the ciabatta roll with the meat and wrapped it up.  I made the sandwich a “box” which comes with a side, dessert, and drink.  I got a bag of Lays chips, a chocolate chip cookie, and a can of Pepsi (they even still had Throwbacks!)  Even though I probably wouldn’t have got the sandwich with the condiments had I known, I’m sort of glad I did.  I couldn’t taste the mayo at all, but the mustard was delicious.  The ham, of course, was amazing and the ciabatta was a nice soft roll.  It was a delicous sandwich. 

The Honeybaked Ham Cafe across from the Lansing Mall in Delta Townhip

The Honeybaked Ham Cafe across from the Lansing Mall in Delta Townhip

J ordered the Honeybaked Ham Classic.  Her sandwich came on a fresh baker’s roll that was filled with ham, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, tangy mayo, and the sweet and rich hickory honey mustard.  Two things she mentioned about the sandwich.  She loved the glaze on the ham.  That’s always been her favorite thing about Honeybaked Ham.  She also really loved how they did the tomatoes.  Instead of thick cut slices, these looked like they were sliced on the deli slicer so they were nice and thin.  They complimented the meat instead of dominating it.   She also got the box with potato salad, a cookie and a Diet Pepi.  She loved the cookie.  It was soft and chewy in the middle which is how she loves cookies.

As our meals were being boxed up, we ordered the lunch meat.  We got a pound and a half each of ham and smoked turkey.  Now, these are aren’t deli slices that are paper thin.  These are probably a half inch thick pieces of ham and turkey.  You can use them on a sandwich, but you can also cut them up and use them in a salad or cook with them if you so choose. 

The two meals and three pounds of meat rang up to $53.  We had a $50 gift certificate, so it only cost us three bucks.  Honeybaked Ham isn’t cheap.  Even the meals cost close to $10, but you do get a decent size portion.  Honeybaked Ham isn’t an everyday thing.  It’s delicious and you would be pretty hard pressed to duplicate the quality at home, but you definitely pay for that quality.




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