Michael’s Southern Style Jack Daniel BBQ

28 06 2009
  • Corner of Mt. Hope Avenue & Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
  • Lansing, MI 48910
  • (517) 881-8720
  • No Known Website
  • Menu
Michaels Southern Style Jack Daniel BBQ on the corner on Mt. Hope and MLK in Lansing.

Michael's Southern Style Jack Daniel BBQ on the corner on Mt. Hope and MLK in Lansing.

I was all set to make tacos tonight when I got home from the baseball game.  For some reason, I took the long way home and headed down MLK from downtown.  I sort of did it for a reason, but I didn’t think of the reason until I actually started doing it.  Must have been one of those subconscious things.

A few days ago, I saw a tweet from @lansingonline about southern style BBQ on the corner of MLK and Mt. Hope.   There weren’t a whole lot of details, but the note said it was good.  Still, it brought up a lot of questions.  New place?  Guy with a grill?  What kind of BBQ? 

So, after I realized I was driving down MLK, I stayed on until I got to Mt. Hope so I could check it out.  When I got to the corner, I found a big red, white, and blue trailer in the parking lot of a party store.  I didn’t stop just then.  I went home where I casually mentioned it to J.  She was on board and we jumped back into my truck to get some BBQ.

We pulled into the party store parking lot and found a parking spot.  As we walked back towards the trailer, I could see a woman sitting in the front seat.  When we got to the side, we noticed a menu taped on the window.  They had everything I love about BBQ listed.  Pulled pork, ribs, Mac ‘n cheese, etc.  A minute or so later, a man walked around to the front of the truck and went inside. 

We both wanted pulled pork, but when I asked for two sandwiches, the guy said he didn’t have any pork.  He said he didn’t do that on weekends.  To be safe, I just asked what he did have so I didn’t try to order something else he didn’t have.  He rattled off a few choices.  J heard chicken and that sounded good to her.  I heard baby back ribs and that sounded good to me.  Both meals came with two sides.  We both got mac ‘n cheese and baked beans. 

The man inside the truck shut the window and went to work putting our orders together.  It took him a few minutes to fill the styrofoam containers and pass them through the window.  By now, my mouth was watering.  The total for the two meals was $14.  They only take cash which was fine…J had me covered. 

Michaels Southern Style Jack Daniel BBQ on MLK in Lansing.

The baby back ribs, mac 'n cheese, and baked beans from Michael's Southern Style Jack Daniel BBQ

There’s no place to sit and eat in the parking lot, so we headed back home.  I didn’t ask about drinks, but I’m assuming you could just go in the party store and get whatever you wanted.  We just headed home and pulled a couple pop’s out of the fridge. 

I opened up my styrofoam box first and my first impression was a good one.  It smelled delicious.  I dug into the mac ‘n cheese first.  It was good and it had a taste that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.  I’m going to guess there was more than cheddar in the dish, but for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what that other flavor was.  I don’t really like beans so I left those for J.  The mac ‘n cheese and beans were sort of mixed in to each other, so I left some of the pasta as well.

The ribs…oh man.  They were fall of the bone delicious.  Most of the signage seemed to signal “Texas style” bbq.  To me, it was a big mix of all styles.  There was a very thick, tomato based sauce (KC style), but it was more smokey than sweet (Texas style).  The ribs themselves were baby backs (Memphis style).  The menu said four bones made the meal, but I actually had five.  Like I just mentioned, the meat came off the bone with no resistance.  I pulled the first bone and got no meat.  It came completely off. 

J got what I thought was going to be a 1/4 chicken, but I’m pretty sure she got a 1/2.  She really liked the beans and the mac ‘n cheese and she got most of mine as well.  Her chicken was a lot like my ribs.  They were covered in the same BBQ sauce and they also melted off the bone.  She ate the white meat then offered a trade for her dark meat.  I took the wing and thigh which was incredibly moist and tender.

For over a year, I’ve been complaining about the lack of BBQ in Lansing.  Michael’s Southern Style Jack Daniel BBQ goes a long way towards filling that whole.  For J and I, the pulled pork is the real test.  J just told me that if the pulled pork comes with the same sauce, she will love it.  We’ll have to go back during the week and see if we can get one. 

According to the signs on the window, they are open Tuesday through Sunday at 11:00 AM….but you never know with BBQ.  Taking the detour really panned out today.  Michael’s Southern Style Jack Daniel BBQ really made an impression on two BBQ connoisseurs




7 responses

8 07 2009
Bernie B

That sounds like a great find. Will have to check them out when I can get an afternoon free.

Hey! Also thought you might want to check this out as the big BBQ fans that you are. Link to calendar, check out Friday, July 17th. There’s a BBQ cookoff in Eaton Rapids on many different cooking styles.


10 07 2009
Mid-Michigan Dining

that sounds pretty cool. Thanks for the link!

10 08 2009
Bernie B

I stopped by this place last weekend just as he was closing shop. The chef gave me all of his remaining meat for like $10 which included Jerked Chicken, BBQ Beef Ribs, Baked Beans, and Potato Salad.

When ordering I asked if the Potato Salad was homemade, he said that it wasn’t though he knows how to make a great PS. He said the quality of what he carries is good and worth trying, having a slight mustard base rather than the usual nasty Gordon Food Service stuff that all the local Deli’s now carry.

The Jerked Chicken had great flavor and was still juicy, though the skin was kinda flabby (not crisp at all). Most likely due to the time of day

The BBQ Beef Ribs were impressive. He serves it up with a wickedly good sauce and I get the feeling that the Ribs were initially cooked with a dry rub, so best of both worlds in your mouth. I LOVE Beef ribs and am really happy to find a BBQ place that cooks them. Pork ribs always taste fatty to me. The only down side here is that the ribs were a bit tough, but will give benefit of the dought considering he was closing up shop.

The Potato Salad was forgettable, and not really worth a space on my plate. While a little better than the usual GFS junk, it still tastes over processed. Dude, you’re a chef with a limited menu. Is it that hard to rock out your own Potato Salad?

Baked Beans, also nothing special. I had the feeling they probably started in a can and were later “doctored” up. Also nothing really wrong with that method, but I expected them to have more flavor or something.

All in all, I definitely intend to buy from him when in the mood for BBQ. His operating hours closely mirror mine, so won’t be often enough =(

11 08 2009
Mid-Michigan Dining

The thing that makes a good BBQ place is the the whole package. I’ve never been to a BBQ joint that hasn’t taken just as much time on the sides as they do on the meat. It’s just something I expect.

21 08 2009
steve c

I just had this tonight, and I will agree with the praise. I was actually pretty happy with the tater salad, even if it was bought in. The mac and cheese was phenomenal; Was that garlic I tasted?

Good place, I’ll definitely be eating there again.

22 04 2011

This place is THE BEST BBQ I’ve had, hands down, and a great portion on meat and all of the sides were great too!! 🙂

24 07 2014
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