Arby’s – E. Oakland Avenue

28 06 2009
  • 500 E. Oakland Avenue
  • Lansing, MI 48906
  • (517) 487-5154
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Arbys on East Oakland Avenue in Lansing.

Arby's on East Oakland Avenue in Lansing.

In the last year, Arby’s has drastically changed their menu.  They’ve added the Roastburger, Fajita Flatbread Melts, and Toasted Subs.  Usually when places make that many changes in a short time, the old formula isn’t working.  Still, there’s nothing I like better than an Arby’s roast beef and when I saw the 5 for $5 campaign had been brought back, I started looking for a reason to stop for lunch.

I was on my way to Oldsmobile Park for a Sunday afternoon baseball game.  First, I needed to grab something quick and cheap for lunch.  I drove by the Arby’s on South Cedar and that reminded me of the 5 for $5.  I missed the turn and instead of turning around, I kept going and hit the Arby’s a little farther north.

This Arby’s is at the corner of Oakland Avenue and North Cedar Street.  There are signs to enter off of Larch Street and since that’s where I was coming from, I turned in.  That made things a little wierd because there’s a street or an alley or something before you get to the parking lot. 

Arbys just north of downtown Lansing on East Oakland Avenue

Arby's just north of downtown Lansing on East Oakland Avenue

Since it was still early on a Sunday morning/afternoon, there weren’t a whole lot of people in the store.  There was one group at a table and one car in the drive thru.  I went inside to order where I obviously put in the order for five roast beefs and the biggest drink they had.  I still hadn’t had my morning Pepsi and I was dragging ass, so a big Pepsi was a must. 

The whole meal cost me a little over seven bucks.  I watched my sandwiches being cut fresh on the deli slicer which is one thing I’ve always liked about Arby’s.  At least you know there aren’t sandwiches premade and sitting in the foil before you order. 

It only took a few minutes for my order to come up.  I grabbed the bag after filling up my Pepsi and headed to find a parking spot.  I ate two of the sanwiches on the way, one on my walk to the park and left the other two for lunch tomorrow. 

I don’t know how long they’re planning on running the 5 for $5, but I hope it’s long enough for me to get some more beef.  I’m not a big fan of all the other stuff Arby’s has been putting on their menu, but I still love their original roast beef.

Growing up in a family boys, we always took advantage of deals when it came to eating out.  We ate at buffet’s a lot and always looked forward to Arby’s 5 for $5 deals.  In the last few years, Arby’s stopped offering the deal.  They upped it to 5 for $5.55 at one point and then started doing other, smaller sandwiches 5 for $5. 




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23 07 2009

Someone had told me that they was hiring like six people but I called up there and she said they wasn’t hiring no one

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