Spagnuolo’s Chocolate

21 06 2009
  • 115 E. Main Street
  • Owosso, MI 48867
  • (989) 729-9590
  • No Known Website
Spagnuolos Chocolate in downtown Owosso.

Spagnuolo's Chocolate in downtown Owosso.

Leave it to us to find the chocolate shop in town.  On our way to Owosso, we saw billboards for “historic downtown Owosso.”  After eating lunch at the Wrought Iron Grill, we decided to find downtown and see what the billboards were all about.  On our first pass through town, we saw a little candy store that still had an “open” sign lit up.  We went around the block to find a parking spot then headed back for some dessert.

Spagnuolo’s Chocolate has a tiny store front on Main Street.  We parked around the corner where there is some angled parking.  In front of the store, there are some parallel spots, but I didn’t realize that and the walk didn’t hurt us any. 

We walked into the chocolate shop at 3:45…about fifteen minutes before they were set to close.  There was one lady who was already gearing up to close.  We started looking around.  We saw a sign for fudge, but didn’t see any in the case.  The lady noticed we looked a little lost and asked if there was anything in particular we were looking for.  She pointed out the fudge in a basket behind us.  It was already cut and wrapped.  They only had two flavors but one of them was peanut butter.  I grabbed a chunk of fudge and J kept looking.

Spagnuolos Chocolate on Main Street in Owosso.

Spagnuolo's Chocolate on Main Street in Owosso.

Spagnuolo’s also had traditional hand made candies in a small case and home made ice cream in a cooler by the door.  What caught J’s eye was a plastic box full of all her favorites.  She picked that up and we turned around to pay.  The total was a little under fifteen bucks.  J’s box of candy was eleven by itself, but there was a lot of candy and a huge variety.  My hunk of fudge was three bucks. 

Spagnuolo’s Chocolate is perfect for downtown Owosso.  It’s the exact kind of place you think of when you think of “historic downtown” anything.  It’s a throwback to a time when the downtown wasn’t so historic and a great treat as your doing your shopping.




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