Hershey’s Ice Cream – Bradley, IL

20 06 2009
  • 1600 N. State Route 50
  • Bradley, IL 60914
  • (815) 929-1123
  • Website
  • Menu
Hersheys Ice Cream in Northfield Square Mall

Hershey's Ice Cream in Northfield Square Mall

J and I wrapped up our week of wedding planning in Illinois by picking out the tuxedo’s.  I wanted to go to a regional chain in Bradley, IL at Northfield Square Mall because all of the guys in the wedding live pretty close to one of the locations.  As we entered the mall, the first thing J noticed was an ice cream store.  When I was growing up, that location was a Baskin Robbins.  Not anymore.

Did you know Hershey’s made ice cream?  Me neither.  Fact is, they don’t.  Until I made my way to Hersheysicecream.com, I would have assumed they were affiliated with the famous candy company, but, in small print, on the bottom of the website are the words “not affiliated with Hershey’s Chocolate.”  They had me fooled.

Like I already mentioned, this Hershey’s Ice Cream location is in Northfield Square Mall in Bradley near JC Penny and the Ruby Tuesday.  It’s a small corner shop with entrances on both sides.  There was only one girl working when we were in there, but it was the middle of the afternoon on a Wednesday.  There were two people in front of us, so we had a few minutes to look over the flavors. 

When it was our turn, J ordered a scoop of peanut butter caramel cookie dough on a waffle cone.  I got cookie’s ‘n creme in milkshake form.  The girl scooped up J’s ice cream first and while I was waiting, I got a lick that ended up with ice cream on my nose and chin, but it was worth it.  Her cone was really good.  Had I gone for a scoop, I would have gotten that flavor.

My shake was also delicious, but cookies ‘n creme really doesn’t make for a smooth shake.  It was a nice thick shake made with milk.  I watched the ice cream, ice, and milk being poured into the blender.  It was good, but I should have went boring and just got vanilla.

Our total was a little over seven bucks.  Not bad for “premium” ice cream.  We were both running on empty and hadn’t had much to eat yet, so this did a good job of holding us over until dinner time.




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20 06 2009

Just another one of the foods things I miss from Pennsylvania…Desperado that I am, after seeing the Hershey’s Ice Cream truck on 96, I followed it straight to Scoops on E. Grand River…

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