Rosie’s Drive-In – Oak Lawn, IL

15 06 2009
  • 10235 S. Cicero Avenue
  • Oak Lawn, IL 60453
  • (708) 636-7717
  • Website
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Rosies Drive-In on South Cicero in Oak Lawn, IL

Rosie's Drive-In on South Cicero in Oak Lawn, IL

I’ve been in the Chicago area for three days now.  I’ve had two pizzas, but no Italian beef.  J and her mom got up to go do some wedding planning that I didn’t need to be there for, so I slept in.  When I got up, I was hungry.  I wanted an Italian beef…..bad.   J’s parents have recommended a little place just around the corner.  They have Italian beef and it was close, so that’s where I went.

Rosie’s Drive-In is on South Cicero Street at 103rd in Oak Lawn.  It’s not a Drive-In in the traditional sense.  There are no speakers in the parking lot and no car hops.  It is a small building that does most of it’s business with carry-out and drive thru. 

Since I hate drive thrus, I chose to park my car and go inside.  To my surprise, there was seating inside the building.  I didn’t think it looked very big from the outside, but there are a handful of tables so you can actually sit an eat.  Since J’s parents live right around the corner, I chose to take my sandwich with me. 

There’s an order counter to the left side of the building.  Rosie’s brags about their gyros.  There are signs on the windows claiming it’s the best in Chicago.  I’ve never been a gyro fan and I really wanted an Italian beef.  I ordered the sandwich with mozzarella and a large fry.  They did have Pepsi products, but I passed on the pop knowing I had a Coke Zero at home.   I paid $7.75 for the meal and headed home.

Rosies Drive-In near 103rd Street in Oak Lawn, IL

Rosie's Drive-In near 103rd Street in Oak Lawn, IL

I dug into the fries first and there were a lot of them.  The fries were thin and crispy.  They weren’t much different from fast food fries, but there was a lot of them which filled me up.  The Italian beef was pretty wet which I love.  It wasn’t completely soggy, but it was leaking through the three layers of foil, a layer of wax paper and the paper bag.  I did my best not to make a mess on the table, but there was a puddle of Au Jus that I had to clean up when I got done.  The beef wasn’t very tender.  It was a little tough to bite through, but still had a great taste. 

J’s parents have both recommended Rosie’s for their hamburgers and, like I mentioned, they’re known for their gyros.  I had a guy in line behind me recommend it after I ordered the Italian beef.  He said he stops in once a week just to get the sandwich.  Rosie’s was good and it’s pretty convienent when we’re at J’s parents.  They have two locations.  The one in Oak Lawn and another on LaGrange Road in Frankfort that have both been around for quite a while, so you know they’re doing something right.




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11 08 2009
Jimmy D

You should have gotten the gyro. They are without doubt, one of the best I’ve ever had.

11 08 2009
Mid-Michigan Dining

that’s what I hear, but I don’t like gyro’s. I like Italian Beef.

3 02 2010

Rosie’s ? Your not that far from Pop’s, 103rd and Kedzie one of the best I have had and I have had a few, from the north side, little Italy, east side, south side, and the burbs.

3 02 2010
SW Michigan Dining

Funn you mention Pop’s. I had never heard of the place until moving to Kalamazoo, MI.

In Chicago, I actually prefer Maxwell Street Station or Al’s.

24 03 2012

Picked up the girlfriend at midway one night. she caught the red eye out of San Antonio so it was very late once we got rolling. had a hotel near 294 and when i left for the airport saw rosies. so i told her if she was hungry i got a spot. we both are gyro fans so even though she said she wasnt hungry she wanted to try it anyway. well i thought it was very good. the pita was much better than what i get at a place we have in indiana called king gyros. the meat was also different but to me no better or worse. my girlfriend on the other hand says its the best shes had and ever will have. so i guess it depends who you want to listen to. either way its a damn good gyro

24 03 2012
Giusepe's fiancee

I ate here with my fiance one night. I had just flown into Chicago from San Antonio and it was about 11:30 PM to midnight. I wasn’t hungry at all as I had eaten Mexican food right before leaving San Antonio, but when my fiance said something about “best gyros in Chicago,” you can bet that I was all over that! So on the way to the hotel, we stopped at Rosie’s and each got a gyro. It was wonderful!! And I wasn’t hungry at all, so it wasn’t one of those moments to where anything and everything sounded good! The pita was definitely freshly made there and the gyro meat was incredible! Most gyro meat has too much of that mutton taste but this didn’t at all! All in all, it was a great gyro and probably the best I’ll ever have!

4 08 2012
Chuck’s Southern Comforts Cafe « SW Michigan Dining

[…] the Chicago suburbs, I actually had several options for food at this time of night.  There is an Italian beef/gyro place right down the road from my in-laws as well as a couple 24-Hour family […]

22 12 2013
mj T-ranCE

They have poor burgers and dogs

I recommend like others the gyro which is top notch..also the fries are great but make sure you it them right away they are at their peak right out of the fryer. I also recommend Philly cheese steak sandwich

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