McDonald’s – South Cedar

12 06 2009
  • 4700 S. Cedar Street
  • Lansing, MI 48910
  • (517) 393-8678
  • Website
  • Menu
McDonalds on South Cedar near Jolly Road in Lansing.

McDonald's on South Cedar near Jolly Road in Lansing.

I know I haven’t blogged all week and I always feel bad when the only thing I have to blog about is a chain restaurant, but I left Oldsmobile Park after a heartbreaking Lugnuts loss and I was starving.  The game went longer than I had anticipated due to yet another extra inning game.  When I started heading home a little after ten o’clock, my choices were limited.  I knew there was some fast food along the way, so I waited until I got a little bit closer to home.

The McDonald’s on South Cedar Street sits just north of Jolly Road.  Being late, the drive-thru was the only option.  As I was heading south, I pulled in to the second drive.  I always think if you pull in the one farther to the north, it gives you a bad angle at the drive thru. 

I’m not a very adventurous eater when it comes to the Golden Arches.  I always get the same thing.  It’s a good thing I looked at the menu board as I pulled up to the speaker though.  It must have been a while since I’ve eaten a burger McD’s because they moved the Double Quarter Pounder w/cheese meal to #3 instead of #4. 

One of the many McDonalds in Lansing.

One of the many McDonald's in Lansing.

I always order my burgers plain.  No reason other than I don’t like condiments.  The voice on the other end of the speaker was very soft, but they have a TV screen that displays your order, so I know she got it right.  I pulled around to the first window and handed over my credit card.  When that was taken care of, I pulled to the second and got my food.  I was in line less than five minutes and back on my way home.

I ate the fries on the way home and dug in to the sandwich as soon as I got in the door.  Every now and then, I do crave McDonald’s.  It’s one of those bad things I grew up on and until I learned that it’s better to find a local restaurant than eat at a mega corporation, I ate a lot of McDonald’s.  Now, it’s a treat every so often.  Sometimes the convenience is really nice.  There are just some instances in life when taste isn’t everything.  As long as it’s good, it doesn’t have to knock your socks off and tonight was one of those nights.




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15 05 2011

they have a crazy mataince man there they call him crazy omar

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