Burger King – Holt

27 05 2009
  • 2464 Cedar Street
  • Holt, MI 48842
  • (517) 694-2600
  • Website
  • Menu
The Burger King on Cedar Street in Holt.

The Burger King on Cedar Street in Holt.

Sorry, I’m a few days behind in blogging.  Things are a little hectic at MMD World Headquarters which is why, on Monday night, I suggested a fast food run.  Usually, we do Taco Bell or Steak ‘n Shake, but I thought we’d mix it up.  I couldn’t tell you the last time I had Burger King and there’s one right down the street.  J didn’t object.

We chose the Burger King on Cedar in Holt.  It sits near the Holt/Lansing city line right across the street from the Kroger.  There is an entrance on Cedar Street, but there is also one on Willoughby which is easier to access than crossing traffic. 

As I’ve said before, I despise drive thrus, so we went inside.  The place was desserted at 7:00 on Memorial Day.  We were the only ones inside and there was just one car in the drive thru.  Since we hadn’t eaten at a BK in a long time, we needed a minute to look over the menu.

I got, if memory serves me correctly, the #11 which is a double cheeseburger with fries and a drink.  The prices on the board are for the small combo, but they list prices for medium and large under it.  I went with the medium and got a Diet Coke with just a splash of regular Coke from the fountain.

J wanted to try the BK burger shots, but didn’t want six of them. They come in packs of two, so she ordered four.  She was going to get fries, but noticed the tater tots and got them instead.  She also got a Diet Coke from the fountain.

Burger King near the Lansing/Holt city limits.

Burger King near the Lansing/Holt city limits.

As we were waiting for our food, we looked around the dining room a little bit and things have definitely changed.  I remember Burger King having a gawdy brown and gold color scheme.  The new Burger King has a flat panel TV, blue sconces, and a more muted color scheme.  J said if you didn’t know any better and ignored the counter, you might be able to mistake this Burger King dining room for a sit down restaurant. 

Just a few minutes after ordering, a bag was thrown on the counter and since we were the only ones there, we knew it was ours.  We headed home to dig in.  My burger was good.  I remember I liked Burger King because they flame broil.  There is a noticeable difference in taste.  The fries were nothing special.  The meal didn’t quite fill me up, but no worries, J was in a sharing mood.

J loved the burger shots.  The big disappointment was that there was no cheese.  She grabbed a couple slices of pepperjack from our fridge and put them on.  The burger shots are basically sliders, but without the gross onion flavor.  They’re topped with a single pickle, ketchup, and mustard.  J said they tasted like they had been grilled.  She’s not a huge beef eater, but she liked these sandwiches.  They’re were just the right size for her too.  She gave me two of the burgers and finished off her tots and she was set for the night.

Like I say about most fast food places, Burger King is what it is.  The food was good for fast food and it served it’s purpose of a quick, cheap meal.  I’m not going to go running back right away, but when it comes to fast food, the more options the better.




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14 09 2011
German Dudasik

Wonderful website. All posts have a process to learn. Your hard work is very good and i enjoy you and wanting for some more informative posts.

20 02 2012
Sick and tired of bad service

They are no longer here! The food was great and cost was good. They had a family health issue and closed up. Now there is a Chinese Rest there and the food is pretty good. For a quick fix of Chinese try it out.

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