Lou & Harry’s Grill & Bakery

19 05 2009
  • 1429 W. Saginaw Street #150
  • East Lansing, MI 48823
  • (517) 351-1066
  • No Known Website
  • Menu
Lou & Harrys Grill & Bakery near Frandor

Lou & Harry's Grill & Bakery near Frandor

Another one of those days were I was up long before I wanted to be.  I had to work downtown again fairly early.  As I was wrapping things up, I got a text from J.  She was at a jewelry store in Frandor getting her ring re-sized (I was off by half a size).  Since she had some time to kill, she asked if I wanted to meet her for lunch.  I was just going to grab something on Washington Square, but meeting J sounded like a better idea.

When I got to Frandor, she was waiting for me and suggested Panera.  I like Panera, but there’s still places I want to try in the area.  Instead, we headed out of the shopping center a little way to a little strip mall just on the other side of the East Lansing city limits.

Lou & Harry’s Grill has three locations in the area.  Two are in East Lansing and the third is Okemos.  The store we hit up for lunch was the Saginaw Street store.  The roads in this area are really messed up and if you’re not paying attention, it’s hard to get around.  Coming out of Frandor, we had to take a left on to Coolridge Road to get into the parking lot. 

Lou & Harry’s is part of a little strip mall.  One end is anchored by Lou & Harry’s.  The other by a Biggby.  The Lou & Harry’s faces the Saginaw Street Grand River Avenue side on the building.  You walk through a small outdoor patio to get inside.  It was a pretty nice day and there were several people taking advantage of that. 

We went inside and the first thing you run in to is the order counter.  There’s a dining room off to the left and the menu is printed on huge boards above the counter.  Off to the right, there’s a chalkboard with the daily specials.  I didn’t notice it before I ordered and that’s too bad.  The burger combo was the special today.

Lou & Harrys Grill & Bakery on Saginaw Street in East Lansing.

Lou & Harry's Grill & Bakery on Saginaw Street in East Lansing.

Since I didn’t notice that, I ordered a full Italian hoagie.  When you order, there’s a list of things you’re supposed to tell the clerk.  There’s a sign on the counter with your options.  I got my sandwich hot, on wheat bread, with cheddar cheese, and lettuce.  I didn’t notice the option for Italian dressing or I would have got that too.  All I saw was ketchup and mayo which I knew I didn’t want.  I added a pop to my sandwich but no fries. 

J ordered a veggie quesadilla and a pop.  We filled up our own drinks with Coke Zero and Sprite and waited in the dining room.  I don’t remember the guy asking my name, but J heard a noise that may or may not have been my name and walked up to the counter to see our meals ready.  It was only five minutes or so after ordering so we didn’t have to wait all that long.

My sandwich was delicious.  The bread was a real whole wheat bread and not a tan piece of bread that probably has more AP flour than wheat flour.  It was a really dark brown and really delicious.  The meat on the sandwich was cappicola, genoa salami, and ham.  There was a nice, thick piece of cheddar cheese on top of the meat and the sandwich was topped off with a little lettuce.  It was really good and J said she even thought it looked good.  I devoured the sandwich, but I didn’t leave hungry.

J’s quesadilla was probably a 12″ tortilla folded over and grilled.  The filling was guacamole, cheese, tomato, onion, sour cream, and salsa.  She said it was delicious, but picked off most of the onions and tomatoes.  They were big pieces which she is not really a big fan of.  She was hoping for something that would be smaller and blended together better.  No problem though since they were big, they were easy to peel off.  Like me, J made quick work of her sandwich, but left satisfied. 

Our bill was just over $15 which I’m not going to complain about.  Had I got the special, we could have got out for a little over $10.  The sandwich I had was really good and J was happy with her quesadilla as well.  We’ve walked by Lou & Harry’s in downtown EL many times because we didn’t really know what it was.  Glad we found out it’s a great family deli with a good selection of food.




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19 05 2009
Dan Lash

You should have gotten fries, they have the best in Lansing. Seriously.

20 05 2009

Not any more. At least the last time I was there, it appeared that they had changed them. They went from the best fries in Lansing to some sort of McDonald’s wannabe fries. Perhaps it was just an off day, but I have never had such mediocre fries at Lou & Harry’s.

By the way, Lou & Harry’s faces Grand River Ave. Biggby is on the Saginaw Hwy. side.

20 05 2009

And they have the best Gyros in the area!!!

22 05 2009
Mid-Michigan Dining

whoops…thanks for pointing that out Mitch…it’s fixed now.

Not a gyro fan. I’ve tried on several occassions, but they just don’t do anything for me.

22 05 2009
Bernie B

I ordered a Rueben there, which was tasty but not really what I think of as Ruebenesque. Rather than a stack of shaved Corned Beef, it was like all the Corned Beef was shaved and shredded and dipped in sauce. Just seemed really odd.

27 05 2009

I tried the State Side Deli on Okemos Road last week and the pastrami on rye was superb! I’m sure they make a mean Reuben, while I will likely have next time I go.

23 06 2012

omg larry stylinson restaurant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 02 2015

In short , the restaurant of ” Directioners “

25 05 2014

Um larry stylinson……

2 02 2015

Esse restaurante e do Harry e do Louis ?

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