Kilwin’s Chocolate & Ice Cream – St. Joseph

11 05 2009
  • 217 State Street
  • St. Joseph, MI 49085
  • (269) 982-1330
  • Website
Kilwins Chocolate & Ice Cream Shop on State Street in St. Joseph

Kilwin's Chocolate & Ice Cream on State Street in St. Joseph

I freakin’ love fudge!  When we took a day trip to Traverse City last fall, we found a Kilwin’s Chocolate Shop in downtown.  That was our introduction to the Northern Michigan chain of stores. 

A Mother’s Day isn’t complete without chocolate and, as luck would have it, there was a Kilwin’s across the street from our brunch destination.  After a good meal and a quick stroll through downtown St. Joseph, we loaded up on fudgey goodness.

The St. Joseph Kilwin’s store is on State Street in downtown St. Joseph just a few blocks from Lake Michigan.  Like most of the other stores, you can watch the candy makers apply their craft in the window.  On the day we were there, one guy was making caramel apples an another was making fresh waffle cones.

The inside of the store smells so good.  Just past the candy making area are the cases of candy.  The first case has the fudge.  This shop didn’t have nearly as many options as the Traverse City shop, but still had two of three flavors I wanted. 

Kilwins Chocolate & Ice Cream Shop in downtown St. Joseph

Kilwin's Chocolate & Ice Cream Shop in downtown St. Joseph

Before we got to fudge, J and her mom looked at the pre-packaged stuff on the opposite wall and picked up some salt water taffy and a few other things to snack on.  When they finished all of that, we headed back to the fudge.  J’s mom asked her step-dad what kind he wanted.  He said he didn’t and I told him that he did.  It was that good.  He still declined, so J’s mom got a piece of peanut butter chocolate for me and a piece of turtle for her.  The girl working said they had a buy 2 get 1 free deal, so J’s mom picked up another piece.

The three pieces of fudge was about $15.  With the package candy she was buying, the total came to just over $28.  When we got outside, J and her mom divided up the salt water taffy and put it in a bag with the piece of fudge that was for us.  I was good and waited until we got home.  The fudge was just like I remembered it.  It was so chocolately and peanut buttery.  I always forget there’s an Ann Arbor location when I go over there for work…one of these days I won’t forget.

I think it’s pretty obvious that I really like Kilwin’s.  I was so happy to see a shop in downtown St. Joseph and it was a perfect cap to Mother’s Day.




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