Niro’s Gyros – Urbana, IL

28 03 2009
  • 1007 W. University Avenue
  • Urbana, IL 61801
  • (217) 328-6476
  • No Known Website
  • Menu
Niros Gyros on University Avenue in Urbana.

Niro's Gyros on University Avenue in Urbana.

The Italian beef craving set in again.  I’m just not going to go back to Illinois and not get one.  I left Illinois Field on my lunch break and headed towards Green Street to get lunch like I always do.  Problem is, when I got there, everything was closed.  U of I is on spring break and everything closed up with them.  I panicked a little.  Where else was I going to go?  I was driving around and I came up to University Avenue.  Then it clicked.  There was a little Greek place up the road where I could get my Italian beef.

Niro’s Gyros is located on University near Lincoln in Urbana.  Niro’s has several locations in the Champaign/Urbana area and there are even stores that I know of in Bloomington, IL.  I have no idea why Greek places tend to have Italian beef in Illinois, but it’s fairly common.  Places like Niro’s are almost cookie-cutter to the extent that you know what’s on the menu before you get there.

There’s not much to this Niro’s location.  There’s a drive thru which I should have used and a walk up window.  There’s no seating inside.  They have some concrete tables outside, but that’s it.  When you walk in, there’s just enough room for a menu board and a window.

Niros Gyros near the University of Illinois in Urbana

Niro's Gyros near the University of Illinois in Urbana

I put in my order for an Italian beef and fries then waited.  It didn’t take long and I watched them put the sandwich in the microwave and nuke it.  Since there were no tables, I headed back towards Illinois Field, but not before I stopped at a Circle K to get a Polar Pop.

I ate the fries along they way.  They were actually pretty good and not the crinkle cut, over salted fries I was expecting.  They were thin and crispy.  There wasn’t a lot, but enough to keep me busy until I could dig into the sandwich.

When I parked my truck and pulled the sandwich out of the bag, it was hot.  Really hot.  It was wrapped in wax paper and two layers of foil and I still couldn’t hold it in my hand.  I used the paper bag it came in to hold on then, for the first time ever, I reached for a fork and ate my sandwich that way.  It was just too damn hot and I didn’t want to end up with gravy all over my shirt again.  The sandwich was delicious, but could have used some cheese.  Other than that, it was a sloppy, gooey Italian beef.  Just what I crave.

Niro’s Gyro’s isn’t the most inviting place you’ll find in C/U, but if you’re looking for good, greasy food at a decent price, it’s worth a look.




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Niro’s Gyros – Urbana, IL | Mid-Michigan Dining

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