Home of Marlboro Bans Smoking

9 03 2009

So the state with the largest cigarette manufacturing factory can ban smoking in most public places but Michigan can’t because of a few casino’s?

The home state of Marlboro and the world’s largest cigarette factory is set to ban most smoking in restaurants and bars.

Gov. Tim Kaine plans to sign legislation on Monday in Virginia Beach that takes effect Dec. 1.

Kaine worked for years for a total ban on smoking in all restaurants. The bill that lawmakers passed last month falls short of that but generally restricts smoking to separate rooms that have their own ventilation.

Virginia has grown tobacco for 400 years. Philip Morris churns out Marlboros and Virginia Slims at the world’s largest cigarette factory in Richmond.




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10 03 2009

The bill Virginia passed only deals with bars and restaurants, not most public places, unlike most state smoking bans passed in recent years. It also allows separately ventilated smoking rooms nad has just a $25 fine.

And technically, Virginia does not have “bars,” places that ban minors and/or serve only alcohol. Otherwise, I imagine they would have done a ban that exempted such locations, like most Southern states.

Gov. Kaine would not support anything more broad, and it likely would have died in the legislature anyway.

A lot of national anti-smoking groups opposed the bill because they said it was not broad enough and fines were too low to discourage dedicated noncompliance.

While I don’t discount the historic nature of any smoking ban passing in Virginia, the politics of the issue — and the type of ban being pressed here — are different.

10 03 2009
Mid-Michigan Dining

Doesn’t matter…it’s a ban. Yeah, they gave the option of a seperate room with ventilation. Most places aren’t going to bother. It’s not going to be worth the expense.

The politics are the same. The issue is the same. It’s all about money and getting re-elected. Budgets are balanced on the backs of smokers.

12 09 2010

They are bothering – it means big bucks to thier business. More are finding this out every day.

27 08 2009

“Budgets are balanced on the backs of smokers.”
You couldn’t be more correct, but it’s not going to stop there.

The “War” on obesity is just getting started, and it won’t be long before anything that doesn’t contain an artificial sweetner or anything deemed to be “unhealthy” by the food police, will be taxed just as severely as smoking, ….”for our own good” of course,…to “level the playing field”, …”for the children”…or any other similar sound-byte cliche that might lend some feel-good justification.

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