How Much Caffeine is in Energy Drinks?

17 02 2009

You may not know right now, but Senator Michael Switalski (D-Roseville)  wants you to.

State Sen. Michael Switalski says a “caffeine race” is escalating in the marketplace. The Roseville Democrat wants to require the makers of Red Bull, 5-Hour Energy and other drinks to put caffeine content on their labels.the U.S. Food and Drug Administration generally oversees food and beverage labeling.

Switalski says the products are marketed toward youth, and parents need information to control children’s caffeine intake. The bill may not get far because

I don’t know about you, but even if they put a number on the can, I would have no idea what a lot or too much is.  Hell, for kids, it will probably just encourage them to buy more.  I can remember going for Jolt Cola when I was kid because it had more caffeine than Mt. Dew…it was kind of the cool thing to do.

The bill is SB 0230 and right now, it’s been referred to the Committee on Commerce and Tourism




5 responses

17 02 2009

In keeping with your soda theme…Not sure if you saw this, but Mt. Dew & Pepsi will bring back their “vintage” taste…Using real sugar instead of corn syrup…

17 02 2009
Mid-Michigan Dining

YAY! No, I hadn’t seen that yet..and now I can’t wait!

17 02 2009

But do any states currently have similar laws? Or would this fall under the FDA? Could we really require separate labels just for Michigan?

17 02 2009
Mid-Michigan Dining

I agree. I think it’s kind of stupid.

As far as labeling, isn’t the legislature trying to require special can just for Michigan in regards to bottle returns? I would think that’s the same thing as far as labeling goes. If they want to sell the product, I bet they would begrudgingly do it then pass the expense on to the consumer.

I just don’t see the point of adding caffeine content….even if the FDA would allow it…

18 02 2009

You might be right on the analogy with the bottle deposit law, but that still doesn’t get around the FDA and its labeling requirements. I think it would be quite possible the bottlers and drink makers would sue, claiming the FDA preempts state laws like this.

But I also don’t think it will get any traction in either chamber.

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