Cupid Candies – Oak Lawn , IL

12 02 2009
  • 4707 W. 95th Street
  • Oak Lawn, IL 60435
  • (708 ) 423-2729
  • Website
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Cupid Candies on 95th Street in Oak Lawn.

Cupid Candies on 95th Street in Oak Lawn.

I sort of get a double whammy on Valentine’s Day.  Getting something for J is not a problem.  She’s got flowers waiting back in Lansing and tickets to a show that I’m pretty sure got lost in the mail.  Not only is February 14th Valentine’s Day, but it’s also my mom’s birthday.  Birthday’s aren’t a big deal in my family.  If we do anything at all, we do something small. 

Since J and I are back in the Chicago area, my mom decided to meet us for lunch tomorrow afternoon at Portillo’s Hot Dogs (review HERE) in Crestwood.  J suggested since we were meeting her before her birthday we should get her some candy or something.  When I was driving around lost this afternoon, I noticed Cupid Candies on the corner of Cicero and 95th.  I suggested we stop in and pick up some chocolates when we went out for dinner.

Cupid Candies in Oak Lawn, IL

Cupid Candies in Oak Lawn, IL

Cupid Candies shares a building with Cupid Ice Cream.  There are seperate entrances, but they are connected by a short hallway.  We entered on the candy sign not sure of what to get.  I noticed a sign on the door for four chocolate covered strawberries for $7.  Yeah, it’s something I could probably do myself, but I thought the professionals could probably do it better.  We picked up a small box of those and then two bags of assorted Valentine’s candy for just about $21.

I sort of looked around a little bit hoping something would jump out at me, but it wasn’t quite the candy shop I was expecting.  They had some little, handmade treats in the display case, but the store was over run with Valentine’s Day I really couldn’t see anything else.  I didn’t feel like fighting all the love and resigned myself to the fact we were just getting out of there with the stuff we already had.

Cupid Candies wasn’t exactly what was I was expecting.  J said Cupid was a frequent stop for her when she was growing up.  Their house was just a few blocks from the store and they have really good ice cream.  We didn’t get any ice cream because we had just got gelato from Melt in the Chicago Ridge Mall (review HERE), so I still don’t have any idea what the ice cream is like, but the candy side of it was too confusing for me to really tell if I liked it or not.




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28 08 2009

worst review ever. cupid candies is the best.

14 03 2010

This person obviously doesn’t know much about old fashion candy shops. Please confine yourself to the displays at your local supermarkets. Hopefully this will remedy your confusion. Finally, please refrain from visiting places you don’t understand or get someone able to educate you about things better than gelato.

30 06 2014
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