Super Bowl Commercials

1 02 2009

Great game.  Bad commercials.  I didn’t watch the Super Bowl with the intention of actually getting involved in the game, but that’s what happened.  There were only two commercials that really caught my attention and made me laugh out loud. 

The first one was in one of the first breaks.  It wa the Dorito’s Snow Globe commercial

OK, I’ll admit.  It was the snow globe to the groin that made me fall of the couch.  I know, it’s juvenile.

The second spot didn’t air until the third quarter.  I thought it was going to be a remake of the iconic Mean Joe Greene Coke commercial.  Instead, it took an unexpected turn and became  one of the funnier spots of all time.


On a related note, I saw a cool story on WILX after The Office.  Unfortunately, they don’t have the text on-line yet, but I’ll keep an eye out for it and link if I see.  The story was about a group of MSU professors who sat around and ranked the commercials.  They apparently do it every year.  Their top three were Doritos Snow Globe, the other Doritos commercial, and the Budweiser Fetching the Stick.

I didn’t think the Bud ads were very good this year and nothing that you’re going to be talking about for years. had a decent one.  The commercials weren’t very good and even the “uncensored” content on their website didn’t do anything for me. 

What were you’re favorites?




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